Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy birthday, Norway!

Soo, today, May 17th, is Norway's National Day, celebrated across the nation. Happy birthday, Norway! :)

Karl Johan Street, Oslo

A perfect day to say my thanks for the wonderful time I got to spend there for the second time this year, at Siri and Catherine Ydstie's Oslo 1001 Nights festival the first weekend of May.

Dance for Norway <3 - Picture by Miriam Embla
After the shimmy class

Norway is a special place to me dance-wise, as it was one of the first countries where I got to travel for teaching a 'full' workshop-and-show weekend, and although I was pretty nervous about it at that time, I absolutely loved it. Since then I've been lucky enough to have traveled there 3 more times, and it always feels like 'home' to me.

Back in the day - Oslo 2010

Below are some pictures and videos of the latest edition of Oslo 1001 Nights festival. Co-teacher and guest performer was the fabulous Guy Shalom of Baladi Blues. Hope you'll enjoy!

Guy and Siri in action - Check Miriam Embla's tumblr blog for more pictures!
Fan veil love - picture by Miriam Embla
 Video of my fan veil performance - music by House of Tarab - check them out!

And a small cameo at the end of this drum solo with the infamous Shimmy Sistahs (Siri and Cath)

So much fun :) A huge thanks again to all workshop participants and supporters of the festival, the working team, the most appreciative audience, my lovely co-performers and teachers and of course to my hosting ladies, the Ydstie sisters.

My 'Ydstie Shimmy Sister' alter ego :)
Encouraging words from the breakfast table
'Before' 1001Natt Festival :)
For more info about this fantastic festival check out the 1001 Nights Oslo FB page.

Til neste gang, Norway!
Sky view of Norway <3

xx K.

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