Thursday, December 27, 2012

Make-up tips and videos

I received a copy of Princess Farhana's stage makeup instructional DVD titled 'Bombshell' a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. The DVD can be purchased here, an extensive review of the DVD can be found here.

The DVD features several complete step-by-step makeup looks, each referring to a different era, (love the fifties and sixties looks!) plus tons of excellent makeup tips. I love that it demonstrates which looks work best for certain skin types and face/eye shapes.

Princess' Dance Blog is another highly recommended resource for tips and tricks on all things belly dance. UPDATE: Just saw she added a great blog post about her 12 favorite inexpensive drug store makeup items. Woohoo! A must read!

Princess Farhana

For those out there struggling with fake lash application: There are 2(!) different tried-and-true methods demonstrated on the DVD, each using my all-time favorite Duo Eyelash adhesive.
Duo. The best.

Duo eyelash adhesive can be purchased 'live' at M.A.C Cosmetic stores (awesome quality stage makeup) or online via (excellent lash resource, offering bulk prices for many lash brands)

Speaking of fake lashes: My personal favorites at the moment are Gisele (for small stages/hafla lighting) and Tyra (big stage, big lights) of the Ardell Runway collection, also available via

Tyra Lashes

I used the tips from the Bombshell DVD plus a couple of tricks from my favorite makeup youtube channels and tutorials (see below) this December and was very happy with the result.

Performance in Duisburg 2012

Some of my favorite youtube channels for makeup include, an excellent youtube channel featuring tons of different beautiful looks, plus an accompanying blog listing the products used for each look

Pixiwoo Madness offers humorous clips with many makeup tips, but also lovely look tutorials and links to different makeup channels, plus an accompanying blog

Some great resources on FB are Makeup Mania (fabulous page for inspirational looks and pictures)

Makeup Mania

And also MAC Cosmetics (FB page with makeup tips, pictures, videos and tutorials)

MAC cosmetics

Check out this link for more makeup tips and a list of makeup blogs.

ETA: Just in today! Another excellent makeup blog, with an article on which makeup brushes to choose.

As with all things, good stage makeup is a matter of practice and patience. The best results can be achieved with trying out different looks at home first, using all the time you need to tweak and refine the makeup to your specific style.

To choose which look(s) would fit your performance best, also take into account the colors of your costume, the 'style' of music/dance and the 'era' you'd like to portray.

Another good tip: You can have your makeup professionally done at a MAC counter for free! If you'd like to purchase any of the products and want to recreate the look at home, be sure to specify the makeup look is for a stage performance, and ask as many questions as possible about the application and purpose of the products used.

Happy browsing!

xx Khalida

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Awesome blog on Practice

Browsing through the web I stumbled upon this amazing resource on practice. It's a blog by and for musicians, but as the main focus is practice and how to perfect it, it applies to dance as well. Ch-check it out!

Link to the FB page:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New website online

After finally figuring out how to work WordPress *cleans up desk, combs hair* :) The long-awaited major web update has now been completed, pwew! Ch-ch-check it out!
The basic design as well as the content has been reworked using Wordpress, with some brand-new information on workshops, masterclasses, private classes and online coaching, a link to the Dreambootcamp website, QooKay, new pictures and videos, the web shop, and costumes for sale :) I hope you'll enjoy browsing!

The site will be maintained in English only for now, but there is a google translator built-in for those of you who would prefer to read it in another language.

The old website will still remain active for for now, but I will start phasing out the pages during the coming weeks.

Rock and roll :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

DREAMBOOTCAMP waiting list open

Update! We've sold out DBC 2013 in a mere 2,5 hours! Thank you all for the massive support!! <3

The official waiting list is now open here and hafla tickets can now be ordered here, we hope to see you too at this EPIC event :D

A special FB group to arrange roommates and carpool options can be found here:

Also check out our DBC event on FB: DREAMBOOTCAMP
Miss Queenie and I are EXTREMELY excited about an upcoming event we will be co-hosting in Belgium... SOON!

Under the umbrella of QooKay Productions we are very proud and happy to present: DREAMBOOTCAMP in Aalst, BE; a fabulous weeklong rhythm-and-dance intensive plus hafla (19 hafla slots available for participants!) on July 1-7th 2013 with classes, lectures and performances by none other than AZIZA and ISSAM!

We are currently updating the official website with details and will be adding more recommended hotels and B&Bs (special deals added on the accommodation page!) near the venue soon.

Maximum 38 participants, part of the classes will be split into 2 groups to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment for you :)

We hope to see you at DBC too! SOON! :)

xxx Khalida and Queenie