Monday, July 23, 2012

BOOTCAMP II - thank you!!

Back home from BCII - A bit overwhelmed and very happy :') Thank you to all of our brave participants and to the hafla visitors and supporters (including miss Myriam Schoere and Mr Ernst Bech ♥) and a big big thank you to the wonderful miss Queenie Dance and miss Amirah Tine Verheyen for being such beautiful people in every way.. you inspire me ♥

BOOTflowers- thank you all!!
And a BOOTCAMPII hafla Teaser picture :)

More pics to be added... SOON!  Until then: Check out the BC FB Group for participant pictures here:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BC Happy dance - 400!!

Will be posting some BOOTCAMP piccies here soon :) But first of all I would love to share this clip with you (thank you to Monique Pasker for lending her camera!) At BCI we officially sold our 400th DVD! With many thanks to our lovely BOOTCAMP participants ♥ This calls for an extra special happy dance ;) Enjoy! 

Thank you!! ♥