Thursday, June 30, 2011

DVD update!!

Just got back from the editors' office in Montréal and the AzizaRaks Productions team is finalising the final details. Things are looking good, if all goes well the last sound bits will be fixed by tomorrow so I get to fly back home with both master disks in hand :) The DVDs will be printed asap after that and become available at various salespoints in the coming months. I'm SO excited!!

A big big thank you to Aziza, Eric and the amazing AzizaRaks Productions team for being such a dream to work with for the past few months. I'm really proud of the result and can't wait to hear what others think of them! A special thank you to Issam Houshan, who was spectacular to dance with during the Shimmies DVD performance, and to the amazing Zafirah, my wings buddy in the Isis wings duo combinations.  

AND ALSO, I just uploaded the preview trailers for both the Shimmies and the Isis Wings with Khalida DVDs, whiii!! Hope you'll enjoy!

PS: Both DVDs will be available for presales on July 15th 2011 via :) Yay!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fotoshoot with Hugo Delvaux and getting ready for Montréal!

Just got the previews from my latest photoshoot with Hugo Delvaux from Belgium, and am super happy with the result :)

The costume is from Oranit Kaggan, a designer I met last year at Eilat Festival in Israel and the hair and makeup are inspired by the shoot I did in Montréal with Rodolf Noël, an amazing photographer that Aziza of Canada works with regularly.

The difference with my usual makeup for stage is that there is generally no glitter used for the eyes, and much darker eyeshadow, plus more shadow/kohl lining UNDER the eye than I normally would do for a performance.

For the lips I tried to get as close to the darker orange colore of the costume as possible, adding a touch of gold glitter to the centre for lack of orange lipgloss. I was not sure seeing the effect in daylight at first but on the pictures, especially with the light backdrop it came out just right :)

The hairstyling was done using a curling iron (and LOADS of hairspray ;) then pinning the curls up until the moment of the shoot itself for maximum hold, gently brushing out the top part of the curls, teasing the crown of the hair for some extra volume and crossing the front hair sections over a bit to give it a more 'sixties/seventies' feel.

The background we used for this shoot was light grey paper, with filtered flash lights and umbrellas on both sides plus an extra bright light on the right side. Poses are inspired by my dance friend Razia, who will be posting her photoshoot results from that day soon as well.

Above are a few non-edited previews, the complete album can be found on my FB page here. Another blog post, with pictures of the shoot in Canada this April with Rodolf Noël will follow soon as well. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MK Festival - thank you

The MK festival really was a blast :) I'd like to say a big big THANK YOU to all the participants and the hafla visitors who made this wonderful event possible, and a special shout-out to my co-organiser Milka from the Netherlands, who did a stellar job arranging the Hafla in Heerlen, and to our fabulous guest teachers Razia from the US and Sophia Chariarse from Germany.

Here are a few pictures from the hafla on Saturday, the complete album can be found at 

MK Hafla and Workshops - pictures

DVD update!!

Here they are, the new DVD covers :) Squee! I will be traveling to Montréal next week for final editing checks and chapter reshoots, which means by the end of June the release- and pre-order dates will be officially announced via our Newsletter. Yay!!


Isis wings:

PS: Stay tuned for the launch of our new website at very soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eilat Festival 2012

OMG! Check out the incredible lineup and flyer for Orit Maftsirs Eilat Festival 2012! Am SO excited and honored to be part of this amazing event :) Hope to see you all there too!!

Eilat Festival January 18-21 2012 -

 *happy dance*