Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dance articles - spring edition!

Hello there :)

It's spring time here in the Northern hemisphere!


While I'm working on the Spring/Summer newsletter, here are some of the dance articles I've enjoyed reading in the past few weeks. Hope you'll enjoy them too!

Let's start with something deep. How about.. How to power your dance progress?

Want To Grow As A Dancer? Here Are 3 Tips From Sorah Yang

How to Break Bad Habits in Dance - by Sheena Jeffers 

From a blog for musicians, but most articles are very applicable to dance practice as well!

Go for the fundamentals! By James Clear. With thanks to Zana Dance for sharing:

Dance tips from Those Who Know- by Keesha Beckford:

Also check out this blog post with excellent tips for posing for pictures (and dance!) by Jen Brook:

And last but not least:

Life Lessons Learned from Dance - by Sheena Jeffers
That's (P)interesting! Colorful inspiration for world dance day
Happy reading!

xx K.

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