Saturday, May 27, 2017

DancEscapade 2017 - Thank you!

DancEscapade 2017 with Bozenka featuring Khalida

We would like to thank all participants of the first edition of the DancEscapade weekend with Boženka featuring Khalida - which took place May 19-20-21st, 2017 in Plakiás, Crete (GREECE).

We both had a wonderful time preparing, teaching and co-hosting this event, and we are already looking forward to the next edition, for which enrolments will open on very soon.

In the mean time you can find some of the event pictures below, as well as in our DancEscapade FB Album. See you soon!

Team DancEscapade,

Boženka and Khalida  


About DancEscapade

3 Days of dance and inspiration for all levels in Plakiás, Crete (GR), including 12 hours of high-quality classes by Boženka and Khalida, a Hafla/Studio party with optional performance opportunity for particpants.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

What I am up to right now - April 2017

At the moment I am home in Germany, enjoying a long weekend off, working on a mini-newsletter and mentally preparing for the upcoming events in late spring/early summer. Eschweiler woods are looking like this right now:

Spring in Eschweiler Wald, DE

I am also
  • Taking classes in ballet with Constanze Janssen in Aachen at Ballettschule Renoldi as often as I can, with added pointe training by Constanze's daughter Giulia since this April (a childhood dream!) I will be blogging about this soon :)
My pointe shoes! Triumph by Grishko from

As well as
  • Studying TaeKwonDo, together with my husband, diligently training with Großmeister Chae Seung-Eun in our hometown Eschweiler, DE twice a week. (we've recently received our blue belt and are now working towards blue-red in the summer)
Posing with Master Seung-Eun Chae and Master Lee after the belt/kup test
Blue Belt TaeKwondo - 4th Kup!

See us in action here, performing 'taeguk sa-jang', the 4th form for the poomsae/forms portion of our belt test:

Next to that I am
  • Updating the website (see above!) with new pictures (taken at the Japanese Garden in Hasselt, BE) by the awesome Kerstin Elster
  • Adding more workshop notes to my 'other' website, over at
  • Upgrading the fitness a bit from walking to jogging and biking (need to up that dance stamina for upcoming season!) at Eschweiler Wald
  • Preparing for a lovely project, Nostalgia Night - a show honoring the golden Era of Egyptian dance with live music (!) at 360° Orient festival in Osnabrück this June, hosted by the lovely Delanna Dance
Nostalgia Night - with live music by Mazzikatea Europe at 360° Orient!
And also

DancEscapade with Bozenka featuring Khalida - this May 19-20-21st 2017!
In the near future I will be
  • Preparing for all of those upcoming spring/summer events (see the Dance Calendar)
  • Advertising a bit more for MoveSpiration, a unique crosstraining weekend for dancers of all levels at studio Sarossy in August 26-27th 2017 in Würselen, DE (Enrolments are now open!)
  • Opening enrolments on 1st of July 2017 for a weekend of live percussion workshops and hafla(!) with the amazing Guy Schalom next summer (July 6-7-8 2018!) at Studio Sarossy.

  Latest update: April 29th, 2017 - Inspired by the Now

A brief look in the past - videos from Kouklès Show in Verviers, BE

Last month I was lucky enough to take workshops with the incredible Alex DeLora and Nika Mlakar in Verviers, hosted by the lovely Kouklès Duo, and perform at the Kouklès Show. You can find the videos below.


More updates will follow soon!

xx Khalida

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fall/Winter season 2016-2017 - A thank you post.

I would like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all the the lovely hosts/hostesses, instructors, dance friends, taekwondoins and co-teachers/performers I have been lucky enough to dance/train/work with during the past fall and winter season.

Huge hugs and gratitude also to all participants of the events/workshops and shows I was part of/participated in and/or danced/taught at, I am immensely thankful for your continuing support.

Thank you <3

Below are a few pictures of the past fall/winter 2016-2017 events. I had a lovely time at each of these dance (and martial arts!) occasions, and I am looking forward very much to making more good memories at future and upcoming ones.


October 2016 - Jewel of Yorkshire Festival in Saltaire, UK

Airport arrivals - with Marta Korzun, Queenie and myself
I think this was the footwork workshop?
Veil work workshop
Pops, Locks, Shimmies, and Undulations
Fancy Feet!

October 2016 - Euro Mulimpia in Cologne, DE

The first edition of Euro Mulimpia in Cologne, DE
Honoured to be part of Sportschule Chae's Demo Team!
Master Seun-Eung Chae and our amazing TKD teammates <3

October 2016 - Workshop and Masterclass for Al-Nilam Bellydance in Breda, NL

Workshop 'Raqs Sharki123' and Choreo Masterclass in Breda

October 2016 - Celebrating Dance Festival in Torquay, UK

Workshop group piccies at Celebrating Dance
with John and Afra <3
Roomie Sophie Armoza, getting ready for the show :)
Bae, my traveling bear friend <3

November 2016 - Ana's Oriental Night Out in Eindhoven, NL
A princess dressing room. So. Much. Pink!
Veil workshop ladies
Top team! Posing with Rachid, Maya and Ana after the show
Video's of my performances at Ana's event:

January 2017 - Technique Training Workshop in Laurensberg, DE
Dancing with the GW ladies - Always a pleasure!
January 2017 - Workshop Weekend in Holbaek, DK

The lovely Anna Barner Sarp <3
Holbaek Workshops Weekend, Denmark

January 2017 - Open day at Ballettschule Renoldi in Aachen, DE

BD, Ballet, and Modern/Jazz - My 3 dance passions <3

January 2017 - Live (Tabla) Music Immersion Day with Guy Schalom in Würselen, DE

Mr Guy Schalom in action :) Embodiment of the rhythms.
Group pictures, all the thumbs up for LTMIDwGS!

February 2017 - DVD recording session at Sandra van Frankfoort's beautiful studio in Stein, NL
Miss Sandra in Taiji-Mode: She'll be teaching at Movespiration!

February 2017 - Elis Pinheiro at Ana Danst in Eindhoven, NL

With lovely Elis, Sylenna and Ana in Eindhoven, NL

Whew :) So that's a wrap-up of a lovely and varied dance and movement season.
Thank you all again. <3

For a list of the events still to come in 2017-2018, check out the event schedule page here:

More dates will be added soon!

xx K.