Monday, July 20, 2015

For all the dance prop lovers

Good news for all you fellow prop-o-philes

I am currently working on re-publishing the props sections (veil, double veil, fan veils and zills) of my BDEssentialsOnline downloadable class series as separately purchasable video sets (30-90 minutes each) in a series named 'Just the props', so you can dive into the land of props right away

To give you a taste of how the downloadable classes work I am offering a FREE(!) 30-minute class for double veil over in the KDanceOnline - Online classes and DVDs with Khalida FB Group.

Check out the first 3 'Just the Props' downloadable video releases here:

'JTP' - Veil work with Khalida - 9€ - 90 minutes

'JTP' - Fan Veils with Khalida - 9€ - 90 minutes

'JTP' - Zills basics with Khalida - 9€ - 90 minutes

For all the online class information in one place please see the renewed (and redesigned! I'm super duper happy with the new setup) website at

Fan Veils Class Preview:

Fanveils Perfomance - The techniques applied: (@ +Coralie DanceforChildren charity show in Brussels)

In the following weeks I will be teaming up again with the lovely miss Chandra, who assisted me for the original BDEssentialsOnline recordings in the studio last year, to record a brand-new downloadable class series called 'Shimmy Sessions!'

This 4-part series of downloadable shimmy classes (one hour each) is now available for presales on and will contain several of my favorite shimmy techniques, with tips, drills and fun layering combinations for each shimmy type. The contents will be comparable to the 'live' ShimmySession classes I taught at the studio this May, so if you missed out on those you will be able to catch up with us at home using the downloadable version.

The series will be aimed at an intermediate/advanced level, so it can be used in combination with the slightly more basic 'Shimmies with Khalida' DVD exercises and drills for those who'd like to brush up on their shimmy skills super thorougly.

Testing the Dance Talks skype class setup with miss Chandra
Recordings will be happening mid-August (so soon!) at Chandra's home studio (where we'll be doing some tests first for optimal sound and vision quality) which means that with a bit of luck the first downloadable Shimmy Classes will be released by end of August/September 2015.

Crossing all fingers and toes!

Coming soon - very soon..
In the mean time: Thanks to an update on the Gumroad website (who host the downloadable classes) it is now possible to get the full BDEssentials Online series (15 hours of class material) as a package deal (75 Euro - 10 videos) via and

Team BDEssentialsOnline!

And last but not least: Using discount code 'SUMMER' you'll get 15% off all downloadable classes and DVDs at and via until end of August 2015.

I foresee a whole lot of dance practice happening in the near future :)

Happy dancing!
x K.