Saturday, April 28, 2012

Workshop @ Asiyha in Tegelen, NL

Picture of the workshop Technique and Combinations in Tegelen this Thursday. Werk it!

Posing for BOOTCAMP!
Dancing - Is good for you!
My 'madonna ricebox outfit' - Hand created by Asiya!
Werk it!

JOY - pictures!

Had a lovely time at JOY - Jewel of Yorkshire Festival in UK last weekend! Here are some pictures of the Sat show by Ian Cartlidge

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bellydance Holiday in Turkey this June!

Woo, just got my flight tickets for teaching at Selina Sevil's Bellydance Holiday in Marmaris, Turkey this June 10-17 2012. I will be teaching 4 workshops there: Arms and Hands, B is for Belly, Rhythms 101 and Transitions&Traveling Steps :) 6 workshops with Selina and Umut Palamut are included, Hamam, boat trip, shows, omg!

More details can be found here (Swedish website)

Translated link (English):

The program includes:

  •  Breakfast buffet every day
  •  10 workshops with professional dancers
  •  Visit a hookah cafe in the open air
  •  Boat trip with swimming, lunch and belly dancing contest
  •  Entry into a spectacular Turkish dance show
  •  Three course dinner with wine and soft drinks
  •  Admission to 5-star Turkish bath (hammam)
  •  Cleaning soap scrub and relaxing oil massage
  •  Visit the exclusive 5-star beach club
  •  Guided tour to Marmaris largest magdansbutik
  •  Guided tours to the city center and other bazaar
  •  Guided bar / club rounds with belly dancing theme
  •  Discounts in shops, restaurants and clubs
  •  Turkish-speaking interpreter and currency exchange service throughout the journey

Workshop descriptions Khalida:

Arms and Hands - Technique and Combinations
Conditioning exercises, specific drills and Stretches to improvement arm carriage and upper body flexibility as well as excercises and flowing combinations for beautiful, expressive arms and hands. A must-do for dancers of all levels and one of the most popular topics!

Rhythms 101
An introduction to middle-eastern rhythms - learn to Recognize and Incorporate Different types Rhythm Into your dancing. From maqsoum to karsilama, All Will Be Revealed! Can be Combined with a Zills introduction as well.

Transitions and traveling steps
All about 'the movements between the steps' and 'the steps between the movements' .. How do you get from A to B elegantly? How do you go from 'dancing moves' to 'dancing'? Tips, Tricks, Drills and flowy traveling combinations.

B is for Belly - abdominals
Putting the B back in to bellydance! we will be focusing on the abdominal movements, core work exercises, belly accents and 'flow', including techniques and combinations to incorporate belly work into your dance.

For more information please contact Selina of Sweden at 

Hope to see you all there!
xx Khalida

Friday, April 6, 2012

Epic BOOTCAMP update!

Attention, RECRUITS!

After an intensive brainstorm session officer Q and K would like to present you with... THE PROGRAM!
Small changes might still occur, but this will give you more of an opportunity to plan ahead a bit.


Thursday 05/07 - 19/07 2012
Hit that accent!

10:00:00 Arrival!
10:15:00 Welcome speech
10:30:00 Shred (shred level 1) Optional
11:00:00 Cooldown (warmup) & Stretch
11:25:00 Break
11:30:00 Guest teacher (Constanze BCI - Amirah BCII)
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Workshop 1
15:45:00 Break
16:00:00 Workshop 2
17:30:00 Stretch
18:00:00 End

Friday 06/07 - 20/07 2012
Soft & smooth

10:00:00 Shred (ripped level 1) Optional
10:45:00 Cooldown (warmup) & Stretch
11:10:00 Break
11:15:00 Guest teacher (Constanze BCI - Amirah BCII)
12:45:00 Lunch
13:45:00 Workshop 1
15:30:00 Break
15:45:00 Workshop 2
17:30:00 Stretch
18:00:00 End

Saturday 07/07 - 21/07 2012
Once more… with feeling!

10:00:00 Shred (shred level 2) Optional
10:45:00 Cooldown (warmup) & Stretch
11:10:00 Break
11:15:00 Guest teacher (Constanze BCI - Amirah BCII)
12:45:00 Lunch
13:45:00 Workshop K&Q
15:30:00 Stretch
16:00:00 Make-up/Styling Class (optional)
19:30:00 Hafla/BC Party! (including performance for those who want to)
20:00:00 Show
23:00:00 End

Sunday 08/07 – 22/07 2012
One for the road…

11:00:00 Shred (ripped level 3) Optional
11:45:00 Cooldown (warmup) & Stretch
12:10:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Workshop 1
14:45:00 Break
15:00:00 Workshop 2
16:15:00 Stretch
16:40:00 Graduation ceremony
17:00:00 End

As you can see the program is roughly the same for both BOOTCAMPS, the only thing different will be the guest teacher (Constanze or Amirah) and the dates ;) But BOTH will be equally fun :)

Start of BC
Even though all of the morning workouts are optional, we would like to welcome ALL of you on the first day of your respective BOOTCAMP in the studio at 10.00h. Please count about 10 minutes for parking, as you can park for free in the streets around the venue but you might have to walk a bit. At 10.15h SHARP the official welcome speech begins, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you there :)

Practical & Payments
We will start sending out the first invoices in the coming days to those who have opted for the payment plan. Those who are paying the whole fee ‘in one go’ will receive their invoice in May (so you can plan ahead a bit!)

Hafla/BC Party
Officer Q will be sending a separate email about the hafla shortly. If you’d like to perform (still spots available!) a short dance just let us know by email to The hafla will be held in the studio itself, so a warm/friendly low-key atmosphere. There will also be bopping/party time in between so bring your dance gear/hip scarf/galabeya or camouflage suit in any case :)

We are THINKING (confirmation pending!) of adding in a mini-prize for ‘Best BC Outfit’ so you can go as crazy (or as ‘normal’!) as you want to :)

Food & Drinks
Please remember that there is NO cafeteria or vending machine on-site in the BOOTCAMP venue, but you are allowed to bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks during the day. We’d recommend to have a hearty breakfast before you come to the classes, especially if are joining the (optional! but fun!) daily morning workout sessions :)

There is a gas station (ARAL) and a supermarket (Aldi) with fresh bread (!) at the end of Oppener Strasse (street of the venue), so in emergency you can always get extra supplies there.

On Saturday we will provide sandwiches and some veggies/fruit before the hafla for you and bottles of water backstage, so you can stay on-site until the evening if you want to.

What to bring?
- snacks, drinks and food for during the day
- a yoga/pilates mat and/or towel
- something to write/take notes
- a photocamera
- sufficient workout clothes (it can get hot!)
- for BCI: ballet slippers (only needed on Th, Fr, Sa)
- underwear etc.. :)
- something to wear at the hafla (and/or plus costume and your CD if you want to dance!)
- makeup
- water
- your best army face ;)

What is shred?
Jillian Michaels’ ‘30-day shred’ is a short (only 20 minutes!) but intense (but fun!) workout session, with different levels (we will start at level 1) that can be done with or without weights. Check out the information here:

If you don’t have any weights we have a few sets to spare, but using small water bottles works just as well.
You will need a yoga mat as well, as part of the workout is done lying down on the floor.

Alright, that is it for now :)
More news and updates will follow later, at the moment there are only 6 spots left for BCII, so if you have any friends/colleagues that might be interested let them know and/or feel free to forward the information or even this email to them!

FB page:
Web info:
Enrollment page:

for BCI and BCII:

TEN-HUT! *salutes*

Officer Khalida and Queenie

And special officers Amirah and Constanze!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer workshops in Diest, BE this July

Hello all,

By popular request I will be teaching a workshop 'ballet for belly dancers' in Diest, BE this July 28 2012, can't wait! There are also workshops by Nephélé (Shaaby) and Saïda (Salsa Fusion) plus a hafla with guest performances :)

Summer workshops in Diest, BE

Hope to see you all there! 
xxx Khalida

PS: Link to FB event:
More info soon at