Saturday, March 31, 2012

Summer Love Specials - Workshops with guest teachers in Würselen!

Hot news! This summer we will have 8 fabulous special guest instructors from Benelux at our studio in Würselen to share with us their favorite topics, dancers of all levels (Beginner-II to Professionals) are welcome :) Not to be missed!!

Summer Love Specials Flyer

Dates Thursday evenings from end of June to beginning of Augustus 2012
28 Jun - 12 Jul - 26 Jul - 09 Aug 2012

Studio Sarossy
Oppener Str. 44/1 (44 for GPS!)
52146 Würselen
DE - Germany

Prices - before 1st of June 2012
* 1 WS - 16 Euro
* 2 WS - 32 Euro
* All WS - Summer madness! - 125 Euro
Signup form - Enrollments now open!

Workshop Dates - Topics
Summer 2012 Flyer
Signup form - Enrollments now open!

You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the venue. Please calculate 15 minutes of time for finding a parking space, there is free parking available in the streets around venue.

Hope to see you all there soon!

xxx Khalida

Friday, March 30, 2012

Class music - where to find the songs!

Music update!

By popular request, here is a short overview of the CDs that have been used most frequently in the past few classes :)

The CD we used in L1/2 for wings (nr 3) and shimmy drills (nr 7) this season can be found here:
Wassan Pharaoun

The 'more and more fast/crazy' shimmy drill (we also used it in the shimmies class at Queenie Dance's studio! and the song for veil/cooldown in L1/2 and Drills PLUS the crazy fast zilling song of yesterday in L3/4 can be found on this CD:
Spice of Life

The masmoudi saghir (slow and medium) we used for zill practice AND the shimmy drill and cooldown music we used for Drills and Conditioning can be found on this CD:
Ludmilla & Monika - Very Cairo Vol.4 - Balaha Records

The taxims we will use in today's masterclass can be found on this CD:
Ludmilla & Monika - Very Cairo Vol.2 - Balaha Records

Happy listening/practicing/shopping!

xxx Khalida

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Woohoo! We've sold 300 DVDs! Congrats to Romy from the Netherlands for getting the magic number! With many thanks to AzizaRaks productions, for making such fabulous instructional belly dance DVDs ♥

See also :)


Friday, March 23, 2012

New: Aziza's Hands, Arms and Poses DVD now available!!

Good news :) We have a limited stock of Aziza's fabulous Hands, Arms and Poses DVD in our shop now, so you can buy ALL THE VOLUMES! I will bring them with me to the upcoming workshops and classes :)

Check the khalidashop site for package deals!

3 DVDs!! AzizaRaks Productions vol. 1, 2 and 3

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pictures of SBTS 2012 now online!

Just got back from a lovely weekend in Battle, UK for the first edition of Shimmy by the Sea with co-teachers Queenie, Lianne and Béatrice. Thank you so much to Chloe Dent and the SBTS team for organizing this amazing event!! 

Classes in Würselen will resume this week, and ALL the emails will be answered.. soon :) Thank you for your patience! ♥

Planking with Queenie at SBTS
Wings Workshop

Performance at the Hafla
Versace/Moscino Goodiebags!
'camel dance' workshop with Queenie and Princess Lumpy on Friday

Check out the complete FB album here:

xxx Khalida

Spring class dates now online!

Hello all :)

After a fresh bout of dancing and road trips I worked out the new class dates for April/May 2012, check out the details here:

Dates spring 2012: 19 April + 03, 10, 24, 31 May 2012
Signup form - Enrollments now open! 

Belly Dance Classes with Khalida
* Thursday 18:30-19:30h Level 1/2 - Beginners/Beginner2
* Thursday 19:30-20:30h L 1-5 - Drills and Conditioning
* Thursday 20:30-21:30h Level 3/4 - Intermediate/Advanced

Studio/ Location
Studio Sarossy,
Oppener Str. 44/1 (44 for GPS!)
52146 Würselen
DE - Germany Google maps 

HOT NEWS: There will be an extra special Summer Class edition this Summer (June-Aug) in Würselen on Thursday evenings - Watch this space for more information soon!