Thursday, December 27, 2012

Make-up tips and videos

I received a copy of Princess Farhana's stage makeup instructional DVD titled 'Bombshell' a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. The DVD can be purchased here, an extensive review of the DVD can be found here.

The DVD features several complete step-by-step makeup looks, each referring to a different era, (love the fifties and sixties looks!) plus tons of excellent makeup tips. I love that it demonstrates which looks work best for certain skin types and face/eye shapes.

Princess' Dance Blog is another highly recommended resource for tips and tricks on all things belly dance. UPDATE: Just saw she added a great blog post about her 12 favorite inexpensive drug store makeup items. Woohoo! A must read!

Princess Farhana

For those out there struggling with fake lash application: There are 2(!) different tried-and-true methods demonstrated on the DVD, each using my all-time favorite Duo Eyelash adhesive.
Duo. The best.

Duo eyelash adhesive can be purchased 'live' at M.A.C Cosmetic stores (awesome quality stage makeup) or online via (excellent lash resource, offering bulk prices for many lash brands)

Speaking of fake lashes: My personal favorites at the moment are Gisele (for small stages/hafla lighting) and Tyra (big stage, big lights) of the Ardell Runway collection, also available via

Tyra Lashes

I used the tips from the Bombshell DVD plus a couple of tricks from my favorite makeup youtube channels and tutorials (see below) this December and was very happy with the result.

Performance in Duisburg 2012

Some of my favorite youtube channels for makeup include, an excellent youtube channel featuring tons of different beautiful looks, plus an accompanying blog listing the products used for each look

Pixiwoo Madness offers humorous clips with many makeup tips, but also lovely look tutorials and links to different makeup channels, plus an accompanying blog

Some great resources on FB are Makeup Mania (fabulous page for inspirational looks and pictures)

Makeup Mania

And also MAC Cosmetics (FB page with makeup tips, pictures, videos and tutorials)

MAC cosmetics

Check out this link for more makeup tips and a list of makeup blogs.

ETA: Just in today! Another excellent makeup blog, with an article on which makeup brushes to choose.

As with all things, good stage makeup is a matter of practice and patience. The best results can be achieved with trying out different looks at home first, using all the time you need to tweak and refine the makeup to your specific style.

To choose which look(s) would fit your performance best, also take into account the colors of your costume, the 'style' of music/dance and the 'era' you'd like to portray.

Another good tip: You can have your makeup professionally done at a MAC counter for free! If you'd like to purchase any of the products and want to recreate the look at home, be sure to specify the makeup look is for a stage performance, and ask as many questions as possible about the application and purpose of the products used.

Happy browsing!

xx Khalida

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Awesome blog on Practice

Browsing through the web I stumbled upon this amazing resource on practice. It's a blog by and for musicians, but as the main focus is practice and how to perfect it, it applies to dance as well. Ch-check it out!

Link to the FB page:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New website online

After finally figuring out how to work WordPress *cleans up desk, combs hair* :) The long-awaited major web update has now been completed, pwew! Ch-ch-check it out!
The basic design as well as the content has been reworked using Wordpress, with some brand-new information on workshops, masterclasses, private classes and online coaching, a link to the Dreambootcamp website, QooKay, new pictures and videos, the web shop, and costumes for sale :) I hope you'll enjoy browsing!

The site will be maintained in English only for now, but there is a google translator built-in for those of you who would prefer to read it in another language.

The old website will still remain active for for now, but I will start phasing out the pages during the coming weeks.

Rock and roll :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

DREAMBOOTCAMP waiting list open

Update! We've sold out DBC 2013 in a mere 2,5 hours! Thank you all for the massive support!! <3

The official waiting list is now open here and hafla tickets can now be ordered here, we hope to see you too at this EPIC event :D

A special FB group to arrange roommates and carpool options can be found here:

Also check out our DBC event on FB: DREAMBOOTCAMP
Miss Queenie and I are EXTREMELY excited about an upcoming event we will be co-hosting in Belgium... SOON!

Under the umbrella of QooKay Productions we are very proud and happy to present: DREAMBOOTCAMP in Aalst, BE; a fabulous weeklong rhythm-and-dance intensive plus hafla (19 hafla slots available for participants!) on July 1-7th 2013 with classes, lectures and performances by none other than AZIZA and ISSAM!

We are currently updating the official website with details and will be adding more recommended hotels and B&Bs (special deals added on the accommodation page!) near the venue soon.

Maximum 38 participants, part of the classes will be split into 2 groups to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment for you :)

We hope to see you at DBC too! SOON! :)

xxx Khalida and Queenie

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Video - Double veil & Drum solo - TOS

Some highlights of my performance at the Gala Show of this year's Tales of Sahara Festival in Brno, Czech Republic, hope you'll enjoy! :)

It was a unique experience and a wonderful event to be part of.. Thank you Sheyla for making it possible and a big thanks to the team, workshop participants and my fellow performers at this amazing show <3

Tales of Sahara, Brno, CZ 2012

PS: The full Gala DVD is now available via

xx Khalida

Thursday, November 15, 2012


QooKay Productions (ie miss Queenie of Belgium and myself ;)) are very happy and proud to announce that the new DREAMBOOTCAMP website is now LIVE! Whee!

On the official website you will find all details about enrollment for this fabulous weeklong plus hafla with none other than master teachers Aziza of Canada/USA (BD of the universe) and Issam Houshan (official drummer of the BD Superstars) in Aalst, Belgium 01-07th of July 2013!

Places will be limited to 38 participants max, and enrollments will open on 12th of December 2012 at 12:12 local time(lunch CET +1) sharp! So be quick at the enrollment page that day if you'd like to join us :)
*SQUEE* Hope to see you all there!

xxx Khalida and Queenie

DVD Holiday sale -

Hello all :) To celebrate the upcoming holiday season we are offering a special discount on all DVD purchases in the web store, plus free worldwide shipping included for a limited time!

To make use of the discount, simply type in 'HOLIDAY' on checkout in the voucher field and you will receive an automatic 15% discount on all DVD orders + free shipping worldwide!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tales of Sahara 2012 - Video from show of international festival

An impression of the lovely Tales of Sahara festival in Brno, CZ this October. Thank you Sheyla for making this amazing event happen and thank you for all participants who made the magic possible!


xx Khalida

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workshops with Miss Myriam - March 2013

Time for a bit of nostalgia.. again :)

This March I will be co-hosting in cooperation with Queenie of QooKay productions: Miss Myriam of the Netherlands, my very first belly dance instructor!

She will be teaching 2 fun and folkloric workshops at our studio in Würselen on Sunday March 24th, 2013. All information can be found on the website! And enrollments opened just a few minutes ago on our official enrollment page.

I am very happy to share this lovely teacher with you, she is the person who introduced me to this dance form I now love so much almost ten years ago. Thank you miss Myriam!

More information:
FB event:

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips&Tricks - Sensible Event Survival Guide

So.. I've been asked by fellow BD coachees and dance colleagues if I could share some tips to survive a busy workshop event.. AND take home as much as possible from it as well.

First of all, this is an item I still struggle with myself at times. The hardest part for me is often how to pace myself, which brings me to tip nr 1.

1. Pace yourself - The number of dance hours one can reasonably survive at an intensive event is directly related to the event type, the number of days/hours of actual dancing, the kind of dance classes booked and the intensity of the workshops you teach/take.

Often it is easier to do more hours per day if all classes are held in the same venue, and if they are combined with stretching/cool down at the end of the day. (even if this means hotel room stretching!)

Other things to consider are travel situation and timing, your personal fitness level (not always predictable!) and last but not least.. the amount of sleep you'll reasonably have had.. My general tip would be to not overbook if at all possible and prioritize instead, keep a max of about 2-3 workshops per day and give yourself permission to add more classes on the go if you can.

2. Prepare - A good preparation is worth half the battle.The more you are able to plan where you will be and what you will do, the more head space will be free to optimally enjoy the event experience. For me personally this means making lists. Many, many lists. A pre-packing list (to see if anything needs to be purchased before traveling), an actual packing list (extra practice tops/sports bras are always good to have!), a to-do list, a travel schedule, a list of locations, a list of classes and topics content/titles (to take and teach) and a list of snacks and such to bring (see nr 3). A notebook and/or camera can be helpful to retain the class material itself.

3. Eat wisely - Make sure you have a 'good' breakfast (for a long day of dancing you will need sufficient proteins) and that you stay hydrated well throughout the day. This goes double if the event is held during summer, if the classes you are teaching/taking are physically taxing and/or if the event is spanning several days. Good snacks to have on hand are nuts/nut-raisin mixes, bananas, water, sport drinks (there are tips online to make your own gatorade), tuna/chicken salads (protein! leafy greens!) And um.. if the going gets tough.. Caffeinated drinks ;) But be sure to hydrate extra in that case.

c.o.f.f.e.e <3

4. S.L.E.E.P - and stretch. Each and every day. Speaks for itself.. But really really.. DO IT! It helps reduce injury risk, keeps your brain capable of retaining/taking up information and your body will thank you by listening to you and staying more energized throughout.

5. And last but not least: Makeup and care. As a performer/teacher at events, grooming well goes without saying! But making a bit of extra time for cleanup and makeup at the start of each day (taking extra care of your skin in the evening and planning your dance wear saves time for this in the morning as well) really helps to get and stay(!) in 'dance mode' during the day. A bit of self-pampering helps to relax and feel your best, as events can get hectic, especially for closet introverts like me ;)

'Dance-proof' makeup tips and products would make up (ha) another blog post, but this I can share: M.A.C. cosmetics is your friend - Good makeup really stays on all day yet lets your skin breathe!

xx Khalida

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photoshoot update - New pictures added

Whoop, new pictures will be added soon to the website! In the mean time will blog in a bit more detail about the preparations and the process of the photo shoot I did in Belgium yesterday, as soon as I return from Tales of Sahara festival in Brno (which is THIS weekend, woohoo! :))

First of all, thank you Willy for the cooperation and beautiful pictures!

Sneak preview:

Orange Bella costume - and honeymoon flower :)

Silk veils by Millifée and green Oranit design costume
Tribute to Samia.. Blue Bella costume
Blue Bella costume
Black Asi costume - and a fan! :)
xx Khalida

Monday, September 17, 2012


Am working on the Newsletter for September (omg! where did time go?) and looking forward to all the events coming up while looking back on how it all began, I suddenly started feeling a bit nostalgic..

About ten years ago around this time I was looking for a new hobby.. Something new to do, preferably involving dance or music, so I started browsing the internet, and I stumbled upon, the website of my very first teachers. Little did I know I was about to lose my heart :)

I know ten years is not much in any field of art, but it is still always nice to take some time to reflect on 'all the things'.. This dance form has brought me so much joy, and I've met such beautiful people over the years, sharing the same passion, that it's hard for me to imagine how my life would look without it. Making dances brings me joy, and learning, practicing and teaching makes me deeply happy. Who knew? That very first class I taught I almost died in fear ;)

I was asked to write some articles about my experiences and discoveries in the land of dance for Yamila's Newsletter Dévoilée, a belly dance magazine that I've helped edit myself in my younger dance years, and on this blog I will share the English versions of those articles with you :)

But first of all, I would like to officially thank my very first teachers for introducing me to middle eastern dance about ten years ago.. Miss Myriam, for sharing her knowledge so generously and inspiring me to keep learning as much as I can about this art form, and her sister Yamila, for showing me the way to professionalism and teaching me how to teach ♥

Thank you.

with Miss Myriam (left) @ Yamilas festival 2012 in Heerlen, NL

with Yamila (below) @ Yamila's festival 2012 in Heerlen, NL

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Upcoming Events Sept-Oct 2012

Soo.. in preparation for the September newsletter.. These are the events I'll be at in the coming weeks. Classes, shows, workshops, events.. We've got 'em all :) Hope to see you there too! Warning, long post  ;)

18:30-20:00h Drumsolo madness - Mini-Workshop
Price: 14 Euro (Optional!) Performance opportunity at B2B Festival in Maasmechelen on Su 30th Sept for all participants. Enrollments now open!
Enrollment page
Information - Website
FB Event:

LONDON, UK - Fr-Su 21-23 Sep 2012 - FESTIVAL SITC
Will be traveling to London this Sept together with miss Queenie to take classes with Dina, Aziza, Orit and Kazafy and watch the fabulous show :) Shimmy in the City Festival in London (SITC) - Hope to see you there as well! FB Event:

Whoop! Am honored to be part of the fabulous Asli Sharqi Festival in The Hague/Den Haag (Asli Sharqi), where I will be teaching a workshop floorwork (!) and silk veils (single and double - a few loaners available on request!) plus performing at the Saturday evening galashow, along with Tito Seif (!!!), Tjarda, Anasma, Leana and others. Can't wait!
  • 13.00-15.00 workshop Silk Veils - max 16 participants
  • 15.30-17.30 workshop Floorwork - max 12 participants
  • 21.05-22.00 Show
Workshop information:
FB Event:

Show/Open stage day in Maasmechelen (Belly 2 Belly Festival)- A whole day of dance performances :) I will be dancing there along with the Jahanára ladies AND the participants of the drum solo workshop (those who would like to perform) of 27th of September 2012. Can't wait!
Tickets: 5 Euro; Information Website
FB Event:

For the start of our new class season we'll have a day of FREE try-out classes for new beginners as well as for intermediate/advanced students or students interested in drills.
No enrollment needed for this date, just swing by and come dance with us :)
  • 18:30-19:45 L1/2 and new Beginners
  • 20:00-21:15 Drills and L3/4
Enrollment regular classes: Enrollment Page (Classes starting Oct 18th)
Information - Website
FB Event:

On Sa, 06th of October we are hosting the fabulous Nephélé of Belgium in Würselen. She will be teaching a workshop on Fanveils (loaners available!) as well as stage presence and presentation. Not to be missed!
  • 11:00-13:00 Fan(tastic) Veils - Technique and combinations
  • 13:30-15:30 Performance CPR - Confidence, Professionality, Radiance
Price: 1 WS 29E, both WS 49E
Enrollment Page
Information Website
FB Event:

Am honored and happy to be part of the fabulous Tales of Sahara festival in Brno (my first time teaching/performing in Czech Republic!) I will be judging the competition finale as well as teaching a workshop double veil and performing in the show. Hope to see you all there!
  • Competition: 'Queen of Tarab' Finals on Fr 12 Oct
  • WS: Sa 13 Oct - 10:00-12:00 Double Veil (a few loaners available!)
  • Gala: Sa 13 Oct 19:00 
FB Page:

Oriental Madness! On Sunday, Oct 21 2012 Katleen d'Herdt of Belgium will host workshops with Queenie and Khalida as well as a Hafla with open stage in Aalst, BE
  • 13u-15u: Rhythm Combinations with Queenie
  • 15u30-17u30: Arms and hand, technique & combinations with Khalida
  • 19u30: Hafla!
Enrollments via:
FB Event:

After all of that madness.. there is.. MOAR :)

Details will be posted in the course of next month, for direct links to the other events in the next months please check out my events page at (2012) and (2013)

Back from away :)

Finally recovered a bit from our fabulous BOOTCAMPs (see FB picture albums here) and freshly returned from Canada, where I spent a lovely week in the woods along with my travel partner Queenie, taking workshops from none other than the fabulous Aziza of Canada and Lena Helt. Was very happy to get to spend time with and meet so many great people *waves* as well as seeing some familiar faces *waves again at Katja, Aminah, Erica and Lisa*

Some highlights from the Dreamcamp Olympics and a cameo (ha!) of Princess Lumpy the Camel.

Will be posting more pictures soon, so be sure to check back for a link to the complete FB album!

For me, it's now time for me to get back to preparations for the upcoming dance season. 

There are a lot of exciting events coming up, for which I'll put up a separate blog post in a few minutes. For the first one, a tiny plug :)

As some of you already know I will be performing alongside the Jahanára ladies (featuring the advanced students from Würselen) at Chadia and Luna's yearly Belly 2 Belly festival on Sunday, September 30th 2012 (previously Mieps Buikdansfestival) in Maasmechelen, BE.

It's a recurring open stage festival, with performances from local and visiting dancers as well as groups and a bazaar, and it runs for a whole afternoon.

Entrance is only 5 Euro, and tickets are still available, so be sure to check it out if you are in the neighborhood!

Slightly releated to that, I will be teaching a workshop Drumsolo Madness on Thursday, Sept 27th in Würselen, DE with the opportunity for all participants to (optionally) perform the choreography with me and the Mädels at Belly 2 Belly 2012!

If you are interested in participating please check out the website and/or you can enroll right away via our enrollment page!

Dresscode for the performance at B2B: Black pants, hip scarf (a few loaners available!) and a top matching the hip scarf color.

Enrollments are now open, hope to see you ... SOON!

xxx Khalida

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dreamcamp with Aziza and Lena Helt

Will be signing off in a couple of hours, as right now I am packing and finalizing the details before leaving on another (big big) road trip with miss Q!

This time dance travel will lead us to CANADA, for Aziza's fabulous Dreamcamp with Lena Helt of Sweden :)

Miss Lena Helt in action <3
After we return we will bring you new updates about DREAMBOOTCAMP in Belgium July 1-7th 2013, the biggest event we've ever hosted till now, and we are *very* excited to share all the details with you!

The current mood of Queenie and Khalida, aka barely holding the excitement
For now, check out the updated website at and follow the latest news via our Facebook Event page at

Aziza and Issam, aka team DREAMBOOTCAMP 2013

See you.. SOON!

xxx Queenie and Khalida

Wicked Bellydance Weekend in January 2013 - Q and K's 10 year dance jubilee!

2013 will be a very special year for both miss Queenie of Belgium and I, as it will be the year where we will both have been belly dancing for ten years!

With Johanna and Nephélé <3
We are looking forward very much to January 2013, as we will be celebrating this special anniversary together with many of our dear dance colleagues, students and friends in the form of WBW - aka Wicked Bellydance Weekend, a workshop weekend and Gala show on January 5 and 6, 2013 in cooperation with the lovely hosts Johanna Rediers and Nephélé of Belgium. We hope you can all join us to celebrate the anniversary of the love for our art!!

Check out the official FB event page for the workshop weekend here:

WBW Workshop program!
And the FB even page for the gala show on Sunday, Jan 06th 2013:

WBW Gala Show 6th of January 2013

Be sure to ask about the VIP arrangement :) 

Enrollments and gala ticket orders now possible! ♥ Info via

xxx Khalida and Queenie

Workshop night at Luna Llena's in Diepenbeek, BE

Hello peeps,

Posting a few piccies and music information of the lovely workshops hosted by miss Luna Llena in Belgium this Monday (under a sky of falling stars! <3 Did you catch any this weekend?)

Khalida and Luna, and lots of silk <3
The topics requested and taught were 'Hit that accent!' And so we did!! Respect :)  And 'Double veil- double trouble' featuring some classic double veil techniques and turns and a sweepingly romantic choreo with *drahmahtic movements* to the beautiful song Wael Kfoury's 'Omry Kellou'.

Thank you very much again to all of the participants! You rocked it in the evening hours :) I was very impressed with the level and dedication and had a lovely time teaching in Diepenbeek, BE <3

Double veil info:

Lyrics and lyrics translation for 'Omry Kellou' (second post has English transliterations)

Link to the youtube of our choreography, or at least one of the versions :) can be found here:

The song itself can be found and bought as a single track on iTunes and eMusic as 'omri kellou'

The big rectangle veils in the video were hand made (based on a picture of my cossie!) by Soies Minifée of Canada <3

And my very first teacher, miss Myriam of the Netherlands, who taught me the love of dancing with double veil and isis wings, will be a guest instructor in Würselen next year! Watch this space and our newsletter for more information soon!

To the participants: Should there be any questions please don't hesitate to email/message me, you can find my contact details over at!

I will be out of the country for a good eleven days (leaving tomorrow for Aziza's DREAMCAMP with Lena Helt of Sweden in Canada together with QK partner in crime: miss Queenie, whee!) after that normal online activity and email replies will resume ;)

To the students that ordered things: The tops and DVDs that were bought during the workshops are making their way to you as we speak!

Accent-hitting ladies! <3

Double trouble!
Your teaching team at work - with Luna Llena