Monday, July 28, 2014

Beautiful brows! - My favorite eyebrow makeup tutorials

Hello there,

Today it's Monday.. But also makeup tutorial favorites day! Eyebrow edition :)

Getting my eyebrows to 'work' with me, especially using stage makeup, has been a challenge for me for YEARS (they are *very* irregular)

It still takes practice (and patience!), but in the past few months I've found a couple of great makeup tutorials, and experimenting with the techniques explained has made my brow-life much, much easier.

My brows - and Mr E!

Below you'll find my favorite youtube makeup tutorials for eyebrows, as well as the brow products I currently use for daily/'teacher face' makeup and for stage. Enjoy!

1. Great tutorial for 'sparse' brows by Promise Phan (also check her celebrity lookalike tutorials on the channel - amazing!)

2. Easy - yet very polished look, this one is for you if you like working with eyebrow pencils - perfect for 'daytime' brows (I use the same technique when I pencil, minus shaving the outer part of my brows - too scared!)

3. For all you MAC addicts (you know who you are!) - an eyeshadow/powder version:

4. For stage/performance makeup: This tutorial explains using concealer as a 'stencil' beforehand and filling in the brows with Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (which is an awesome product for stage/performances, as it doesn't transfer or 'melt' under stage lights at all) - I use the colors 'auburn' and 'chocolate'myself.

5. And a bonus one by Julia Graf

I also absolutely love this brow tutorial Blog post by Keiko Lynn:

My favorite products:

- Mac or Urban Decay brown(ish/ashy brown) matte eyeshadows (the exact shades depend on the makeup look, sometimes I mix powder with pencil or dipbrow pomade as well)

- Brow pencil: 001 Dark brown by Rimmel

- Dipbrow pommade by Anastasia in Auburn (a bit lighter/reddish) and/or chocolate (slightly darker) - usually I mix the two, using the chocolate shade or powder to darken the bottom line of the brows.

Picture by

Extra important for both powder and pomade 'looks' to work well is a good quality 'sharp' slanted eyebrow brush - And to sharpen your pencil! Check out the yt tutorials above for specific brush recommendations.

ETA: Bonus clip! Love love love.

Enjoy! :)

xx K.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all Training Day participants today – 5 hours of dancing! BD Workout drills, Fun for feet and SoftnSmooth/Samia Style  – we did it all :)

Training Day July
Check out some of the videos we worked with in the last WS on the TD FB page.

Happy dance! On to the next TD edition – Saturday 11th of October and our SLS summer workshops this August at the Würselen Studio :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Thoughts on #QKDI

After months of planning, brainstorming sessions and preparations, our long-awaited QKDI 2014 Dance Intensive finally happened. 4 Days of dance.

Our first collaboration, BC 2011 - feels like yesterday and aeons ago!

This for me is already the third year (!) of summer dance collaboration with the fabulous Queenie of Belgium and I have to say, despite us both being nervous (as always, ha!) about all of the things, QKDI 2014 exceeded all of our (already very high) expectations in every way. 

QKDI2014 - after the facts!

The weekend turned out to be exactly what we had hoped for; 4 days of intensive dance training, in collaboration with excellent and dedicated professional teachers (including guest classes in ballet by Constanze Janssen and popping by Obelixx!),  practicing and integrating skills from different dance 'worlds' and sharing our love for the art with a group of like-minded, kind hearted, highly motivated and hard-working dance loving people. 

In other words: 'Just. Dance.' <3

And also, snacks.

Dancer snax!

A huge thank you goes out to miss Constanze Janssen for the fabulous ballet classes and pearls of dance wisdom, to Mr Marco Obelixx Menezes for sharing his art and introducing us to the world of popping, and last but not least to miss Queenie Dance for sharing her knowledge, her gorgeous dancing, the fabulous co-teaching experience and just for being yer lovely self.

our QKDI2014 teacher team <3

Big hugs also to our QKDI2014 participants, as said before, it was a true delight to be able to spend 4 full days working with a group of such sincere dance lovers ♥♥♥ 


QKDI2014 has left me (even now, after a full week of tax return, web updates and administration ^^) uplifted, motivated and extremely inspired, and I have a feeling this event will 'stick with me' for a long time. 

Thank you.

Double rainbow. Just because. :)
xxx K.

ETA: Check out Queenie's beautiful blog post on QKDI2014 here!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Prague visit in June - Pictures and a thank you

Another month gone by, time really does fly :)

First of all, I would like to say a huge big thank you to the lovely miss Eglal of CZ (who you might know from Jillina's BDE shows) for hosting me in Prague this June.

My Czech dance sister :) <3
It was the first time I got to visit this beautiful city for dance, and it was a true pleasure for me to get to spend time with Eglal and her Czech dance colleagues/co-teachers and dance with her students, who absolutely rocked the show. Děkuji pěkně!

The show performers - So jazz!
Pictures of the workshops 'fun for feet' and 'soft and smooth':

Express yourself!
Action picture :)
Post-WS smiles <3
The full show picture album can be found on FB here. Below are some more impressions of my visit :)
Not snow, but glitter this time!

Top view of Czech Republic :)
Caffeinated pick-up time!

Unbelievable city view from my appartment balcony <3
Tesla was here

'Dark gold' - Czech coffee :)

Nashledanou, dear Prague! <3

xx K.