Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fall/Winter season 2016-2017 - A thank you post.

I would like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all the the lovely hosts/hostesses, instructors, dance friends, taekwondoins and co-teachers/performers I have been lucky enough to dance/train/work with during the past fall and winter season.

Huge hugs and gratitude also to all participants of the events/workshops and shows I was part of/participated in and/or danced/taught at, I am immensely thankful for your continuing support.

Thank you <3

Below are a few pictures of the past fall/winter 2016-2017 events. I had a lovely time at each of these dance (and martial arts!) occasions, and I am looking forward very much to making more good memories at future and upcoming ones.


October 2016 - Jewel of Yorkshire Festival in Saltaire, UK

Airport arrivals - with Marta Korzun, Queenie and myself
I think this was the footwork workshop?
Veil work workshop
Pops, Locks, Shimmies, and Undulations
Fancy Feet!

October 2016 - Euro Mulimpia in Cologne, DE

The first edition of Euro Mulimpia in Cologne, DE
Honoured to be part of Sportschule Chae's Demo Team!
Master Seun-Eung Chae and our amazing TKD teammates <3

October 2016 - Workshop and Masterclass for Al-Nilam Bellydance in Breda, NL

Workshop 'Raqs Sharki123' and Choreo Masterclass in Breda

October 2016 - Celebrating Dance Festival in Torquay, UK

Workshop group piccies at Celebrating Dance
with John and Afra <3
Roomie Sophie Armoza, getting ready for the show :)
Bae, my traveling bear friend <3

November 2016 - Ana's Oriental Night Out in Eindhoven, NL
A princess dressing room. So. Much. Pink!
Veil workshop ladies
Top team! Posing with Rachid, Maya and Ana after the show
Video's of my performances at Ana's event:

January 2017 - Technique Training Workshop in Laurensberg, DE
Dancing with the GW ladies - Always a pleasure!
January 2017 - Workshop Weekend in Holbaek, DK

The lovely Anna Barner Sarp <3
Holbaek Workshops Weekend, Denmark

January 2017 - Open day at Ballettschule Renoldi in Aachen, DE

BD, Ballet, and Modern/Jazz - My 3 dance passions <3

January 2017 - Live (Tabla) Music Immersion Day with Guy Schalom in W├╝rselen, DE

Mr Guy Schalom in action :) Embodiment of the rhythms.
Group pictures, all the thumbs up for LTMIDwGS!

February 2017 - DVD recording session at Sandra van Frankfoort's beautiful studio in Stein, NL
Miss Sandra in Taiji-Mode: She'll be teaching at Movespiration!

February 2017 - Elis Pinheiro at Ana Danst in Eindhoven, NL

With lovely Elis, Sylenna and Ana in Eindhoven, NL

Whew :) So that's a wrap-up of a lovely and varied dance and movement season.
Thank you all again. <3

For a list of the events still to come in 2017-2018, check out the event schedule page here:

More dates will be added soon!

xx K.