Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Video online! Khalida & Magdy El Leisy - Melaya/Iskanderany Duet at Karima's Festival ...

I had so much fun learning and performing this choreography with the wonderful Mr. Magdy El Leisy @ Karima's Gala Oriental Festival in Aachen this February. Lovely memories of a beautiful day!

Oriental and Drum solo performance of that same day:

Hope you'll enjoy!

xxx Khalida

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer choreo classes coming up!

Tomorrow (June 21st) the summer AND our summer choreo classes in Würselen, DE will start!

Thursday Summer Choreo Classes - Würselen
* Thursday 18:30-20:00h - Drum solo choreo - All Levels
* Thursday 20:00-21:30h - Wings group choreo - Level 3/4

Dates Summer Choreo Classes 2012
21 June + 02 Aug + 27 Sept 2012
Signup form - Enrollments now open!

More class details can be found here: Class information Würselen Khalida

Hope to see you all there!

In the mean time.. here are some pics of the 18:30h group of Würselen at the end of spring season :)

And.. woosh!
And... AGAIN!
Almost good!.. Once more maybe?
Getting there, getting there :)
Yes, it is hard work, this posing business..
There we go :) Perfection!

DVDs - one year anniversary :) FREE SHIPPING till August 15th, 2012!

On June 30th - a little over one year ago - I officially got the first master tapes for my first instructional belly dance DVDs 'Shimmies with Khalida' and 'Isis Wings with Khalida' in hand :) And as you can see in this Blog post, it's hard to believe how fast time has flown by. Oh my, what a year it has been!

Rehearsing my lines for the shimmy drills, while the Director and Producer check the first scenes.

And.. on August 15th 2012 we officially started distributing the DVDs via our web shop at, which calls for a small celebration :)

Instructional DVD set - Isis Wings technique/combos and Shimmy Fever with Khalida!

To celebrate this one-year anniversary of one of the most exciting projects I've ever survived I will be offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on both DVDs until August 15th, 2012

Fresh DVDs waiting to come to a city near YOU :)
So.. If you are looking for ways to stay shakin' this summer :) and/or if you would like to gift a dance friend with a set of fun training DVDs, go get your shop on here right now! Shop shop shop!

xxx Khalida

Back from Turkey - Pics pics pics!

Back from a lovely week in Marmaris with Selina of Sweden, teaching, dancing and enjoying the hard, hard life in the sun ;) Thank you so much miss Selina Sevil for hosting this great BD trip, and thank you to all participants, I had a lovely time dancing with you!

Planking at main fountain square, near the Ataturk statue.

Performance @Kervanseray, Marmaris

Hard, hard life..

With Selina, super organizer and lovely teacher/performer from Sweden

Picture of the workshop:

Team Marmaris ftw!

More information about Selina:

And about the Bellydance Trips to Turkey she organizes yearly (google translate link):

xxx Khalida

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New vids up! Mundo Oriental Festival 2011

Latest video additions - clips of my performances at Amira Shazadi's 'Mundo Oriental' festival in Germany October 2011. It was a beautiful event to be part of,and a lovely opportunity to dance among some of my favorite artists :) Thank you Amira!

Wings performance - Tribute to Samia Gamal - Mundo Oriental 2011

Magency - Helm El Raqs - Mundo Oriental 2011
Hope you'll enjoy!
xx Khalida

Monday, June 4, 2012

UK double veil workshop/ wings assessments June - Thank you!

Back from an amazing weekend in London with Lea of Hips Inc.

I am truly inspired by the dances I've had the honor to assess (thank you ladies!) for the isis wings badges on Friday and had a lovely time teaching the double veil workshop on Saturday. Thank you so much to all who participated, and thank you Lea for hosting me, I had a lovely time! ♥

Veils for the UK!
3.. 2.. 1.. Swoosh!
Salute for BOOTCAMP
Also: Big meeting in Belgium tonight with miss Queenie and miss Amirah of Belgium about the BOOTCAMP and BOOTCAMP II programs and both BOOTCAMP hafla's (hafli?) which will be open to visitors as well.

So excited, less than a month now before the BC madness begins! We have 3 final spots available for BCII (19-22 July 2012) so if you are interested - Sign up here! :)

Next up: Dance holiday June 10-17th in Turkey, Marmaris! A whole week of sunshine, good food, nice views, dancing, music, classes.. Mmm. Good times ahead!

xx Khalida