Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dreamcamp with Aziza and Lena Helt

Will be signing off in a couple of hours, as right now I am packing and finalizing the details before leaving on another (big big) road trip with miss Q!

This time dance travel will lead us to CANADA, for Aziza's fabulous Dreamcamp with Lena Helt of Sweden :)

Miss Lena Helt in action <3
After we return we will bring you new updates about DREAMBOOTCAMP in Belgium July 1-7th 2013, the biggest event we've ever hosted till now, and we are *very* excited to share all the details with you!

The current mood of Queenie and Khalida, aka barely holding the excitement
For now, check out the updated website at and follow the latest news via our Facebook Event page at

Aziza and Issam, aka team DREAMBOOTCAMP 2013

See you.. SOON!

xxx Queenie and Khalida

Wicked Bellydance Weekend in January 2013 - Q and K's 10 year dance jubilee!

2013 will be a very special year for both miss Queenie of Belgium and I, as it will be the year where we will both have been belly dancing for ten years!

With Johanna and Nephélé <3
We are looking forward very much to January 2013, as we will be celebrating this special anniversary together with many of our dear dance colleagues, students and friends in the form of WBW - aka Wicked Bellydance Weekend, a workshop weekend and Gala show on January 5 and 6, 2013 in cooperation with the lovely hosts Johanna Rediers and Nephélé of Belgium. We hope you can all join us to celebrate the anniversary of the love for our art!!

Check out the official FB event page for the workshop weekend here:

WBW Workshop program!
And the FB even page for the gala show on Sunday, Jan 06th 2013:

WBW Gala Show 6th of January 2013

Be sure to ask about the VIP arrangement :) 

Enrollments and gala ticket orders now possible! ♥ Info via

xxx Khalida and Queenie

Workshop night at Luna Llena's in Diepenbeek, BE

Hello peeps,

Posting a few piccies and music information of the lovely workshops hosted by miss Luna Llena in Belgium this Monday (under a sky of falling stars! <3 Did you catch any this weekend?)

Khalida and Luna, and lots of silk <3
The topics requested and taught were 'Hit that accent!' And so we did!! Respect :)  And 'Double veil- double trouble' featuring some classic double veil techniques and turns and a sweepingly romantic choreo with *drahmahtic movements* to the beautiful song Wael Kfoury's 'Omry Kellou'.

Thank you very much again to all of the participants! You rocked it in the evening hours :) I was very impressed with the level and dedication and had a lovely time teaching in Diepenbeek, BE <3

Double veil info:

Lyrics and lyrics translation for 'Omry Kellou' (second post has English transliterations)

Link to the youtube of our choreography, or at least one of the versions :) can be found here:

The song itself can be found and bought as a single track on iTunes and eMusic as 'omri kellou'

The big rectangle veils in the video were hand made (based on a picture of my cossie!) by Soies Minifée of Canada <3

And my very first teacher, miss Myriam of the Netherlands, who taught me the love of dancing with double veil and isis wings, will be a guest instructor in Würselen next year! Watch this space and our newsletter for more information soon!

To the participants: Should there be any questions please don't hesitate to email/message me, you can find my contact details over at!

I will be out of the country for a good eleven days (leaving tomorrow for Aziza's DREAMCAMP with Lena Helt of Sweden in Canada together with QK partner in crime: miss Queenie, whee!) after that normal online activity and email replies will resume ;)

To the students that ordered things: The tops and DVDs that were bought during the workshops are making their way to you as we speak!

Accent-hitting ladies! <3

Double trouble!
Your teaching team at work - with Luna Llena

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Belly Dance Madness - 21 October 2012

Together with miss Katleen D'Herdt of Belgium we will be organizing the very first QooKay Productions event in Aalst, BE this October 21st 2012!

There will be 2 exclusive workshops by Queenie (Rhythm combinations) and myself (Arms and Hands technique and combinations) plus a hafla with open stage (still a few spots available!) in the evening. We hope to see you all there!

Oriental Madness - 21st October in Aalst, BE
Please contact Katleen via or check out the Facebook event page for all information. Enrollments now open for the workshops and hafla

xx Khalida

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Love Specials - Thank you!!

Last Thursday was already the fourth and final day of the 'Summer Love Specials' Workshop series at our studio in Würselen. Time does fly! :)

Summer Love Specials 2012!

It was a wonderful experience for me as well as for the participants to get to know these wonderful guest teachers a bit better, I loved every workshop to bits, each bringing their own unique flavor to the event, and with that some hot summer dancing to the studio!

Check out some of the SLS pictures here:

Hot Salsa fusion with Chadia of Belgium
Salsa with Chadia

Summerlicious combo's with Majidah of the Netherlands
Summerlicious combinations with Majidah
'My pelvis wanna just dance' with Zahra of Belgium
with Zahra of Belgium
Crazy hip combo and layering with Marratu Sekhmet of Belgium
with Marratu Sekhmet of Belgium

Poi/Voi basics with Sylenna of the Netherlands
Poi/Voi with Sylenna
Veil Romance with Luna Llena of Belgium
Lluna Lena's Veil Romance
Sizzling drum solo with Saïda of Belgium
Saïda drum solo!

Summer Saidi with Johanna of Belgium
Saidi with Johanna

The complete SLS albums can be found on the FB page under 'Photos':

Once again a huge thank you to all of the guest teachers, and to all participants, without you it would not be possible! Hopefully see you all again next year!

xxx Khalida 

Monday, August 13, 2012

QooKay Productions - Are you Ready??

Cross-post from our FB page by miss Queenie Dance of Belgium :)

"So... EPIC update! After all the emotions (of all sorts, LOL) we shared while organizing two amazing BOOTCAMPs together, my wonderful colleague and dear friend Khalida and I decided to take it one step further by officially uniting our powers.... And so we proudly present.... QooKay Productions! Bringing you belly dance events at their best... SOON!"

QooKay coming 'atcha!

In short, Queenie Dance and I have decided we will be officially working together in the future under the umbrella of 'QooKay Productions' bringing you belly dance events at their best, near and far :) We hope to welcome you at one or more of the upcoming dates!

Q and K!
Check out our official FB Page here:

Also Q and K ;)
We proudly present the official QooKay website, listing current and upcoming events: 

You will be able to see us 'in action' and/or visits events hosted by QooKay Productions at the following dates:

And So It Began.. 08.08.2012
See you soon!

K and Q!

xx Q and K 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Videoclip - Veil dance at BCII hafla

Performance clip from the BCII hafla - Veil dance to Jamie Woon's 'night air', with many thanks to Marlene for recording the video.

Hope you'll enjoy!

xx Khalida

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ozma's workshop in Würselen!

I had the honor and pleasure to host the fabulous Ozma of Japan for a workshop on 9/8, roma and zills at our studio this Wednesday, check out the piccies here. Thank you again lovely ladies for joining us, and thank you miss Ozma for the lovely workshop!

PS: Check out Ozma's costuming FB page here:
And her website:

Hope to see you all at the next event!

xx Khalida