Thursday, February 23, 2012

New newsletter online!

This time we have:

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What's coming up right now?

I'll be performing this weekend with our Jahanára ladies from Würselen during the afternoon show of Karima's Gala Oriental Festival in Aachen (link with sound!) - Still tickets available for the workshops and afternoon show/bazaar on Saturday, as well as solo/as duet with Magdy El Leisy in the evening show (sold out!)

ALSO: I'll be cheering on all the contestants at the Benelux Belly Dance Championships next Sunday (March 4th) in Deurne (NL).

Pics will follow SOON :)

Enjoy, happy reading!

xx Khalida

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's time for an epic video update :)

A big thanks to Armand Bonné from Studio Bonné productions for these beautiful edits from Yamila's yearly International Bellydance Festival in Heerlen. 

I have been part of Yamila's festival since 2003 :) and I have had the honor to teach and perform there the past few years. It's one of my favorite events, as I get to see so many dance friends I 'grew up' with on and next to the stage, but I also get to meet new people each time as the festival keeps growing. Yamila and her sister Myriam are my very first dance teachers and they are based in Belgium/the Netherlands.

Here are some video clips taken at the current festival, plus a video from last year's edition. Hope you'll enjoy!

Zills and oriental performance to Srazad - 2012

Double veil to Ya Hawa - 2012

El Fen - 2012

Oriental and drum solo - 2011 - my longest drum solo 'till now :) You can find a live version of me performing this drum solo (Habla Tabla, from Issam Houshan's CD 'Chemistry of the Drum') with Issam on the Shimmies with Khalida DVD!

ETA: The next video, from a different festival, is an oldie but a goodie :) The performance is from 2008 but I uploaded it again by popular request. It's a new link (in case you had been linking to it before) The veil work is inspired by the lovely Aziza of Canada, and the video was taken at Leyla Jouvana's 16. Bellydance Festival in Duisburg, Germany. The song, 'Kemal' is an old Greek song, and this specific version is sung by Savina Yannatou of Greece.

Thanks for watching!

Thanks for watching!
xx Khalida

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update :) Happy February/March!

Soo.. January 2012 has already come and gone.. woosh! :) While we are experiencing our first bouts of winter this year (snow! frost!) I am keeping warm, working out and preparing new classes and dances for a few more fun dance events coming up this month!

Snow in Eschweiler city
First of all: Tomorrow I'll be teaching weekly classes in Würselen again, with a new beginners course and rehearsals with our advanced group Jahanára for an upcoming show in Aachen (see below) we'll have 2 more classes of season 1 (9 and 16 Feburary) and then season 2 will begin starting Feb 23rd, with our regular beginner/beginnerII at 18:30, drills&conditioning at 19:30 and intermediate/advanced at 20:30 on Thursday nights. Looking forward to it! (Enrollments now open!)

Bellydance classes in Würselen
This weekend I'll be teaching a workshop 'Bellybreak - drum solo techniques' (scroll down the page) at Yamila's yearly Bellydance Festival in Heerlen, NL as well as performing solos in the Saturday evening show AND the Sunday early afternoon in the theatre :) There are still some last-minute tickets available for both the workshops and the shows, so hope to see you all there!

Bellydance Festival Heerlen, NL

Next week on Friday, Feb 17th we'll have a new Masterclass series with Khalida! There are a few spots available for the coming dates, so let me know if you'd like to join! Masterclasses are accessible for intermediate to advanced/professional students L2/3-5) Topics can be chosen beforehand and sent in by email and there is the option to demonstrate/work on your solo/group dances as well if desired.

Masterclass dates 2012 - can be booked separately!
At the end of the month (Sat, Feb 25th) I will be dancing together with the ladies of Jahanára, our advanced student group in Würselen during the afternoon show of Karima's Gala Oriental in Aachen.

Gala Oriental Aachen, DE
In the evening I will be dancing a Melaya/Iskanderany duet with the Fabulous Magdy El Leisy and an Oriental solo, along with many other stars of the orient! Tickets are almost sold out, so be sure to reserve a spot if you still want to join!

Dance group Jahanára

In other news: We've been featured! Yay! There's a lovely review of our instructional DVD's by Barbara of Belgium in the current edition of UK's Mosaic Magazine as well as an extended interview/article and a (shared) front-page piccie :) AND ALSO: I just found I'm the subject of this lovely feature link: Thank you Barbara and Tiffany!

What's up for next month? I'll be cheering on some fabulous dancers at the Benelux Bellydance Championships on Sunday March 4th in Deurne, NL.

Benelux Bellydance Championships, Deurne, NL

March 9-11th 2012 I will be traveling (road trip!) with the beautiful Queenie Dance from Belgium to teach and dance at Shimmy By the Sea (we've sold out in 3 days, woohoo!)

Queenie and Khalida
Shimmy by the Sea, UK
Saturday, March 24th I'll be teaching 2 lovely workshops (veildance 'Kemal' and drumsolo 'Habla Tabla') in Goes, NL on Saturday, March 24th (thank you Nashwa!)

Workshops Veildance (Kemal) and Drumsolo (Habla Tabla) in Goes, NL
On Sunday, March 25th, for the first time in Würselen, I'll be hosting our very own Tribal Fusion Queen Amirah (TF BellyDancer of the World winner 2010) of Belgium for 3 fabulous new workshops. Not to be missed! Enrollments now open!

Workshops Amirah, 25 March in Würselen, DE

Pwew :) Next to that: We'll still have weekly classes (ongoing!) on Thursdays and another Masterclass with Khalida in Würselen on Friday, March 30th.

Happy February/March and hope to see you soon! <3

xx Khalida