Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dance articles - spring edition!

Hello there :)

It's spring time here in the Northern hemisphere!


While I'm working on the Spring/Summer newsletter, here are some of the dance articles I've enjoyed reading in the past few weeks. Hope you'll enjoy them too!

Let's start with something deep. How about.. How to power your dance progress?

Want To Grow As A Dancer? Here Are 3 Tips From Sorah Yang

How to Break Bad Habits in Dance - by Sheena Jeffers 

From a blog for musicians, but most articles are very applicable to dance practice as well!

Go for the fundamentals! By James Clear. With thanks to Zana Dance for sharing:

Dance tips from Those Who Know- by Keesha Beckford:

Also check out this blog post with excellent tips for posing for pictures (and dance!) by Jen Brook:

And last but not least:

Life Lessons Learned from Dance - by Sheena Jeffers
That's (P)interesting! Colorful inspiration for world dance day
Happy reading!

xx K.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring/summer event updates!

Sooo.. I'm back! The last weeks really have flown by, dance season is officially back in full swing :)

HAR! (photo by Zak Erving)

In February I've had the honor to perform a bd/popping fusion duo with Mr Obelixx of BE/Portugal in Heerlen(NL) and in Belgium - Which was the first (and second :)) fusion duo performance I've ever danced. Video will follow soon!

In action! :)

In March got to perform and teach in the beautiful city of Trondheim in Norway, hosted by my dancing queens Trine and Kjersti of Zagroutha :)

Trondheim, baby!

'The Glow' of performing

I was lucky enough to perform for the first time in Jaén, Espania as well this March at Alika Danza's lovely Bellysurdance festival. Two events very close to my heart.

At Bellysurdance festival - Picture by Fernando Ramos

ETA: Just received the video of that Spain performance :) With many thanks to Álika and the tech team!

April was all about Sakinah Yanara's Stars of Bellydance festival, where I had the honor to share the stage with the beautiful Nadia Nikishenko, Cie Smokey Eyes, QK Dance Intensive partner Queenie and some of the best Belgian Belgian belly dancers I know. (check out the awesome lineup here) We had a blast!

Stars of Bellydance artists, Oostkamp (BE)

Soo.. What's next? Right now I am practising hard for teaching and performing in Rotterdam (this Monday!), Oslo (1-4th May!), Betekom (18th May!), and Prague (21 June)

Next to that I'll be preparing for the first Stepitup session (30th May) and Training Day (26th of July) at our very own studio Sarossy in Würselen, DE. In August we'll have our Summer Love Specials (14, 21, 28 Aug) on Thursday nights.

Dance.. Endless dance.

So much dance :) And last but not least - A QooKay Productions update: Miss Queenie and I have decided to set the maximum number of participants for our 4-Day Dance Intensive (3-4-5-6 July 2014) in Würselen this year to 12 - to allow for more intensiveness.

Team QooKay - Q and K :)

This means we now have only 4 spots left! If you'd like to join us: Enrollments are now open via - We're looking forward to dancing with y'all!

QooKay 4-Day Dance Intensive in Würselen, DE!

Soo, that's it for now, I think. Another post with interesting dance links will follow soon.

Hope our paths will cross this year - wherever, whenever :) Dance on!

xx K.

PS: To see what else I will be up to this year, check out my official 2014/2015 dance calendar here.