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Raqs Sharki 1-2-3: Soheir Zaki - Time traveling with the stars of Egyptian Dance

Favourites of the Fourties/Fifties:
 Stars of the Sixties/Seventies:
 Modern Legends:

Part 10: Soheir Zaki (born 1944)

SOHEIR ZAKI was born in Mansoura in 1944. In 1953, when she was nine years old, she and her family moved to the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. Souhair Zaki fell in love with music and dance and showed natural talent, teaching herself to dance by listening to the radio.

Souhair Zaki was most inspired by the dances of Tahia Carioca and Samia Gamal. By the age of eleven she was being noticed at the birthday and wedding parties of friends and family, and started dancing professionally in the Greek nightclubs in Alexandria.

She is known for her elegant, natural style and exquisite musicality, even to this day. The 'Soheir Zaki hips' movement is named after her.

Music, such as “Shik Shak Shok”, was specially created for her every 6 months, and it is said she was the first dancer to perform to the music of Om Khalsoum (see a video of Soheir performing to 'Leylet Hob' below)

About Soheir Zaki  (By
Suheir Zaki (the Belly Blog)
Sohair Zaki (

Soheir Zaki

About Soheir


Soheir in 'The price of love', 1964
Soheir in 'The River of Life', directed by Hassan Reda, 1965
Soheir dancing to 'Amal Hayati' in 'The foolish', 1966
Soheir dancing to Daret Al Ayam in 'Struggle With Death' , 1970
 Soheir dancing to 'Leilet Hob' in 'Nights that Will Never Return', 1974
Soheir dancing to 'Aghadan Alqak'
Soheir performing in Wakr al-ashrar (1972)
Soheir dancing to 'Hassan Ya Kholy El Genena' in the film 'Two women', 1975
Soheir dancing in 'Allo I'm the cat', 1975
Soheir dancing to 'Shik Shak Shok', 1979


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