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Raqs Sharki 1-2-3: Nadia Gamal - Time traveling with the stars of Egyptian Dance

Favourites of the Fourties/Fifties:
 Stars of the Sixties/Seventies:
 Modern Legends:
Part 6: Nadia Gamal

NADIA GAMAL, born to a Greek father and an Italian mother as Maria Carydias in Alexandria, Egypt, first began dancing as a part of her mother's cabaret act which performed at the Casino Opera in Cairo.

Trained in piano as well as several kinds of dance such as ballet and tap, Gamal initially performed European folk dances in her mother's act.

When she was 14, an ill dancer in her mother's troupe gave her the opportunity to dance raqs sharqi in Lebanon, which her father had forbidden her to do because of her youth. After this debut, she became a popular dancer and went on to star in many Egyptian films.

She is often credited as the originator of the modern style of Lebanese raqs sharqi.

(Source: Wikipedia)



More about Nadia Gamal:
Nadia Gamal performing in A Promise of Love, 1955
Nadia Gamal in Hindi movie Prem Pujari, 1970


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This workshop series by Khalida takes you on a journey in time with the great dancers of then and now.
  • Raqs sharki 1 – ‘Favorites of the fifties’ – Contains combinations and techniques inspired by the legendary dancers of Egypt like Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Nadia Gamal and Taheya Carioca.
  • Raqs sharki 2 – ‘Stars of the seventies’ – Inspired by famous Egyptian dancers from the 60-80s like Suheir Zaki, Nagua Fouad and Fifi Abdo.
  • Raqs sharki 3 – ‘Modern legends’ – Contains informationa about, and techniques and combinations inspired by the famous dancers of this age

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