Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beautiful Books .. Whatchu readin'?

I love to read. I'm a multi-book-reader. I like to mix and mingle all the input in my mind.

Over time my favorite book topics have gradually shifted from the realms of fantasy and fiction to dance geekery and all things anatomy/alignment. Books are filling our home. I am happily addicted. :)

Here is a list of my current favorite dance/alignment-enhancement reads. What are yours?

Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance - Eric Franklin


This book is a must-read for dancers in all genres. It goes from technique enhancement exercises to imagery for improvisation and choreography to helpful tips for performance and natural embodiment of movement. Also check out this interview in Dance Magazine with Eric Franklin on the use of imagery in dance training.

Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance - Eric Franklin

Anatomy, Dance Technique and Injury Prevention - Justin Howse & Moira McCormack


A deliciously information-dense book with sections on anatomy and physiology (woohoo!), injuries (pathology, causes and complications, prevention and treatment), specific dance-related injuries (most common ones), strengthening exercises (in the form of picture sequences and text), and technical faults and anatomical variations (plus tips on how to spot and tackle them as a dancer/dance instructor). Based on ballet but very useful for any dance training. Check out this book review by Ballet News.

Anatomy, Dance Technique and Injury Prevention

Move your DNA - Katy Bowman

If you have a body, this book is for you. A biomechanist's take on health through movement, not just for dance but for life. Especially for those who are in search of daily ways to improve alignment. You can find Move your DNA as paperback, e-book or as audio-version (in case you want to move while 'reading' it, which you just might) on the Restorative Exercise website. Be sure to also check out the Alignment Snacks!

Move your DNA - Katy Bowman

Happy reading!

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