Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April - Month of Zill (it rhymes!)

Hello all,

Inspired by Ashley Dance's 'dance all June' event and Andalee BellyDance's '90-day bellydance challenge' on FB I am proposing a Zill/Sagat practice challenge for April - 30 days of honing the zills skills.

Zills - the Stash
For me personally the goal will be to practice at least 10 minutes of zilling each day this month, but for anyone who wants to join it can be more or less as well - As long as there is zilling/sagat practise of any kind involved :)
Theoretical practice (as seen in week 9 of BDEssentials online)

I've created a special open Zill challenge for April Event page on FB to make it all a bit more interactive; to share tips, advice and/or cheer each other on. Check it out if you'd like to join in!

DO IT! (you know you want to)

Join the zill practice revolution!
For the at-home-practicers: I am offering a special 10% discount on week 7-8-9 of the Bellydance Essentials Online series (the classes with zills at the end) throughout the month of April.  Just punch in the code 'ZILLS' in the coupon code field(s) after selecting any (or all 3) of these class(es) of choice and Bob will be your uncle :) To the online classes!

K in ur living room - 2D!:

For the theory/reading lovers - A few of my favorite articles on zills:

For the zill-less or zill/sagat fiends - where to get good ones:

n.b.: You can get these 3 brands from Shaila(based in Germany)'s online store as well

And last but not least, for the youtube aficionados - A few of my favorite zills/sagat videos:

Sophie Armoza of Israel/Ukraine:

Nejla Ates of Turkey:

Tulay Karaca of Turkey:

And of course: the lovely Naima Akef of Egypt:

Zill on!

Zill it.

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