Monday, October 20, 2014

Bellydance Essentials - Week 1-10 are complete!

It's finally done! :) The full 10 weeks of 'Bellydance Essentials - online Belly Dance classes with Khalida' are now available!
The official FB announcement

Perfect for anyone who can't/could not make it to the 'live' series in W├╝rselen, but also for those of you who would like to add 'home classes' with me to your daily/weekly/monthly practice routine - I'm all yours :)

Full class overview

1,5 Hours (and sometimes more! week 4 has a bit of extra prop work) of dancing, technique drills, combos and my favorite props, now available for download or as unlimited streaming media.

Yay! See

Check out the class list at or go directly to to get started - We will be adding more Belly Dance Essentials classes to the series weekly!

The uploadening.. a work of much patience :)

With extra special thanks to the BDE 'live' participants for being part of the recording team, to miss Chandra for assisting and filming the classes, to Sandra's husband Mr H for lending us his video editing skills :)

With miss Chandra <3
Also a big thank you to miss Johanna for instigating the initial concept (woo!) and helping out with upload shenanigans for week 1, and to miss Razia Star and miss Queenie, my super smart dance friends, for bringing so much motivation, inspiration and general good stuff, always <3

Let's DANCE!!

Sneak preview videos of Week 1 and 5:

PS: If you buy a Bellydance Essentials online class it is yours FOREVER (or at least as long as the internet/the gumroad site/backups exists) - Either as streaming media (ideal for tablets/smartphone/'on the road') or as download (for computers), which means you can practice with each purchased class wherever/whenever :) you want.

You can do the classes 'in order' of weeks or pick and choose/mix and match, depending on your interests. For details of the class contents per session see

Happy dancing!

Go to for the full class overview or click on the links below to go directly to the classes of your choice:

BD Essentials – Week 1
BD Essentials – Week 2
BD Essentials – Week 3
BD Essentials – Week 4
BD Essentials – Week 5
BD Essentials – Week 6
BD Essentials – Week 7
BD Essentials – Week 8
BD Essentials – Week 9
BD Essentials – Week 10

xx Khalida

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