Monday, August 13, 2012

QooKay Productions - Are you Ready??

Cross-post from our FB page by miss Queenie Dance of Belgium :)

"So... EPIC update! After all the emotions (of all sorts, LOL) we shared while organizing two amazing BOOTCAMPs together, my wonderful colleague and dear friend Khalida and I decided to take it one step further by officially uniting our powers.... And so we proudly present.... QooKay Productions! Bringing you belly dance events at their best... SOON!"

QooKay coming 'atcha!

In short, Queenie Dance and I have decided we will be officially working together in the future under the umbrella of 'QooKay Productions' bringing you belly dance events at their best, near and far :) We hope to welcome you at one or more of the upcoming dates!

Q and K!
Check out our official FB Page here:

Also Q and K ;)
We proudly present the official QooKay website, listing current and upcoming events: 

You will be able to see us 'in action' and/or visits events hosted by QooKay Productions at the following dates:

And So It Began.. 08.08.2012
See you soon!

K and Q!

xx Q and K 

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