Thursday, August 16, 2012

Workshop night at Luna Llena's in Diepenbeek, BE

Hello peeps,

Posting a few piccies and music information of the lovely workshops hosted by miss Luna Llena in Belgium this Monday (under a sky of falling stars! <3 Did you catch any this weekend?)

Khalida and Luna, and lots of silk <3
The topics requested and taught were 'Hit that accent!' And so we did!! Respect :)  And 'Double veil- double trouble' featuring some classic double veil techniques and turns and a sweepingly romantic choreo with *drahmahtic movements* to the beautiful song Wael Kfoury's 'Omry Kellou'.

Thank you very much again to all of the participants! You rocked it in the evening hours :) I was very impressed with the level and dedication and had a lovely time teaching in Diepenbeek, BE <3

Double veil info:

Lyrics and lyrics translation for 'Omry Kellou' (second post has English transliterations)

Link to the youtube of our choreography, or at least one of the versions :) can be found here:

The song itself can be found and bought as a single track on iTunes and eMusic as 'omri kellou'

The big rectangle veils in the video were hand made (based on a picture of my cossie!) by Soies Minifée of Canada <3

And my very first teacher, miss Myriam of the Netherlands, who taught me the love of dancing with double veil and isis wings, will be a guest instructor in Würselen next year! Watch this space and our newsletter for more information soon!

To the participants: Should there be any questions please don't hesitate to email/message me, you can find my contact details over at!

I will be out of the country for a good eleven days (leaving tomorrow for Aziza's DREAMCAMP with Lena Helt of Sweden in Canada together with QK partner in crime: miss Queenie, whee!) after that normal online activity and email replies will resume ;)

To the students that ordered things: The tops and DVDs that were bought during the workshops are making their way to you as we speak!

Accent-hitting ladies! <3

Double trouble!
Your teaching team at work - with Luna Llena

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