Monday, June 4, 2012

UK double veil workshop/ wings assessments June - Thank you!

Back from an amazing weekend in London with Lea of Hips Inc.

I am truly inspired by the dances I've had the honor to assess (thank you ladies!) for the isis wings badges on Friday and had a lovely time teaching the double veil workshop on Saturday. Thank you so much to all who participated, and thank you Lea for hosting me, I had a lovely time! ♥

Veils for the UK!
3.. 2.. 1.. Swoosh!
Salute for BOOTCAMP
Also: Big meeting in Belgium tonight with miss Queenie and miss Amirah of Belgium about the BOOTCAMP and BOOTCAMP II programs and both BOOTCAMP hafla's (hafli?) which will be open to visitors as well.

So excited, less than a month now before the BC madness begins! We have 3 final spots available for BCII (19-22 July 2012) so if you are interested - Sign up here! :)

Next up: Dance holiday June 10-17th in Turkey, Marmaris! A whole week of sunshine, good food, nice views, dancing, music, classes.. Mmm. Good times ahead!

xx Khalida

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