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Raqs Sharki 1-2-3: Tahiya Karioka - Time traveling with the stars of Egyptian Dance

Favourites of the Fourties/Fifties:
 Stars of the Sixties/Seventies:
 Modern Legends:

Part 2: Tahiya Karioka (February 22, 1915 – September 20, 1999)

TAHEYA CARIOKKA was born in 1915. She was discouraged from performing as a dancer by her family.

Due to family differences that could not be settled with her father and brothers, she moved to Cairo to stay with an old neighbour, Suad Mahasen, a night club owner and an artist.

Tahiya had asked several times for employment in Suad's nightclub but Suad refused to employ her due to the disreputability of working at a night club. However, many of Suad's associates and friends became acquainted with Tahiya through various visits to Suad's home. They all advised Suad to add her to one of the shows as a chorus girl but still she refused. Soon, Tahiya was mentioned to Badia Masabni, the owner of Casino Opera, one of the most prominent nightclubs of the time.

Badia offered a position in her troupe to Tahiya. Tahiya accepted and was given the stage name Tahiya Mohamed. She soon began gaining popularity as a solo dancer and as she became more experienced she learned a popular Samba dance from Brasil at the time called the Karioka.

After that she became known as Tahiya Karioca. Tahiya began starring in movies during what is dubbed as the Egyptian film industry's "Golden Age".

She was a talented dancer, singer, and actress. In 1972, the film “Watch out for Zouzou”, starring Soad Hosni with Tahiya performing the supporting role, was released to become the biggest box- office hit in Egyptian cinema to date.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Taheya Cariokka


About Tahiya


 From Aheb El Ghalat 'I love this mistake' , 1942

From Amiret al Gaziera (Emira of the Island), 1948
From 'Shore of love', 1950

Taheya dancing to Taht El Shibak

And.. a few more favourites - if anyone knows more about the movie title/background of the following videos, please let me know!


with finger cymbals! (zills/sagat)


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This workshop series by Khalida takes you on a journey in time with the great dancers of then and now.
  • Raqs sharki 1 – ‘Favorites of the fifties’ – Contains combinations and techniques inspired by the legendary dancers of Egypt like Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Nadia Gamal and Taheya Carioca.
  • Raqs sharki 2 – ‘Stars of the seventies’ – Inspired by famous Egyptian dancers from the 60-80s like Suheir Zaki, Nagua Fouad and Fifi Abdo.
  • Raqs sharki 3 – ‘Modern legends’ – Contains informationa about, and techniques and combinations inspired by the famous dancers of this age

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