Sunday, January 8, 2017

BellyDance Essentials Technique series now also available on DVD!

Hello dear all,

I have just now finished transferring the technique portion of my downloadable online class series 'BellyDance Essentials - A 10-week technique class series' to DVD format, especially for those of you who have asked about a physical version of my technique-focused classes and/or workshops in the past few years.

The Full 10-part BellyDance Essentials Series -woo!

It contains tons of material to kick-start your BD technique practice for the new year, plus ideas for drills, stretches, layering combos and technique explanations as inspiration for fellow teachers.

This DVD series is now available as a set of 10 discs (with +- 45-75 minutes of material per DVD/class) via the DVD store on

Shipping for this series is free when you order the complete set (all orders over 50,- Euros are shipped free of charge worldwide), but you can also buy each BellyDance Essentials technique DVD separately.

Each BellyDance Essentials DVD/downloadable class contains a posture section, a dance warmup, an upper- and/or lower body technique portion, a section on arms and hands technique, a shimmy drill, a traveling step combo, and a cooldown/stretch.

For a content overview per BDEssentials DVD check out the following list:
  • DVD1: Belly Dance Basics, Hip slides, circles and twists, Shimmies: basic hip shimmy technique and drill, dance walk and transitions, walking with hip circles
  • DVD2: Wrist circles, Hip figure eights and variations, Shimmy: Egyptian shimmy, Traveling step: arabesques, Combination: traveling figure 8s, Bonus: shimmy drill with layering.
  • DVD3: Working the shoulders, Hip drop variations and one-hip accents, Shimmies: shoulder shimmy technique and drill, Traveling step: Step-hip, hip-step and variations, Bonus drill: Shoulder shimmies and traveling hip accents.
  • DVD4: Hands & arms: one-sided arm pathways, Technique: double hip accents and variations, Shimmies: choochoo/traveling shimmy, Traveling step: Grapevine and basic front/back step, Bonus drill: Layering accents.
  • DVD5: Hands & arms: Basic arm pathways, Technique: All about the abs - core muscles, belly rolls and camels/undulations, Shimmies: freeze/shiver, Traveling step: Chassé and 3-step turn. 
  • DVD6: Hands & arms: Snake arm variations, Technique: Upper body isolations and accents, Shimmies: 3/4 shimmy down, Traveling step: Hip down travels.
  • DVD7: Hands & arms: Framing, Technique: Pelvic locks, squares and omis, Shimmies: 3/4 shimmy up, Traveling step: Step-cross and variations.
  • DVD8: Hands & arms: Natural arm pathways, Technique: 1-sided hip accents, Traveling step: Smooth transitions, Shimmies: bounce/earthquake.
  • DVD9: Hands & arms: Hand undulations Technique: One-sided sharp hip accents, Traveling step: Traveling with hip and pelvic accents, Shimmies: Layering traveling steps with shimmies.
  • DVD10: Warmup, 1-hour of Dance Jam (a mix of all technique sessions, traveling steps and shimmies to music), Cooldown.

I'm excited to finally share these DVDs with you all, it has taken me a while to get around to transferring them to DVD format, but I think it is nice to have this content available in physical form.

Even though the recording quality of these classes is a bit more basic than the newer DVDs it has a special value, as my future technique-focused DVDs will contain different topics than these.

You can order them now at and!

Wishing you a lovely week/weekend,

xx Khalida

PS: In an attempt to optimize my dance-notes administration for the future, and as a special bonus for everyone who has ever taken a workshop/class with me - or even just anyone looking for some new class/workshop content inspiration - I have started transferring my workshop notes from the past year to downloadable .pdf format documents, and I am sharing them for free on my 'other' site, over at - Workshop Notes as .pdf
Feel free to check them out and/or share the link, more notes will be added soon!

x K.

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