Monday, October 24, 2016

Inspiration and Movement - InspirationNation

Hi there :)

Soo... Some very exciting new developments are happening at the moment @ casa Khalida.

I have just launched a new website, called InspirationNation - This is where I will be sharing my latest movement experiences and biggest inspirations, in dance, life, and martial arts, and hopefully help inspire movement improvement for dancers and non-dancers alike.

Over time I will be sharing more updates, articles, blog posts (check out the Movespiration blog too) and most importantly, information on a new and upcoming movement and dance(-ish) event on the InspirationNation website.

Peddle and float - strength and grace <3

See the official website here:

Check out the blog here:

Twitter page:

Facebook page:

Event page: ... coming up. :)

More updates to follow ... SOON!

xx K. -

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