Friday, September 30, 2016

Outside, where the magic lies. Find the green.

About one year ago I made an important change.

After re-discovering my home area Eschweiler from an inliner-view last summer, and in trying to hold on as long as possible to the memories of green, green Skye in September, I decided I needed, urgently, to 'go outside' more - or at least once a week - and actively search for the green around me.

And in that year I found something I thought I had lost..  My sense of self.

Apparently my Self.. likes to be outside. Picture by the amazing Elster

Even though it had been years since working in an office full time, I still sensed lately that something had been 'missing'. Getting outside felt deeply counter-intuitive at first. After all, as an entrepreneur/dancer/professional/person, I am supposed to be dancing, training, working, reading, learning, or at least doing something 'productive' with my free time, whenever I have some, yes?

Actually, no.

As dancers, and as humans, we NEED to get outside, and we need regular movement. Actual people movement, that is. And movement variety at that. So not just training, crosstraining, working out, drilling, or even freestyling and/or 'relaxation' once or twice (or thrice) a week. We need to walk, run, climb, hang, carry, crawl, swim, roll around, and above all, get outside.

Our bodies crave it. Our brains light up when we do. Our senses need all that input from going outside, being outside, and moving about. Amidst all this, we relax. And as our body moves, while the mind is restful, creativity soars. Whatever we search, see, hear and do.. Dictates what we will perceive. Find the green.

So how to go about all that? Slowly, at first.

Find some green.

Try going there once.

Then, another time.

At first once a week.

Then maybe twice.

First walk, then run.

Then walk or run again.

Every now and then maybe, ride a bike (with helmet please!)

And after that.. walk some more.

To nearby places you used to go to by car.

Whenever the mood strikes, and you can, go.

When you can't go outside, look out a window, find the green.

Find the green.

Eat outside, if weather permits

Read outside, if you can find a space

When meeting friends, go for a walk

On a holiday.. plan for the green.

Hike, bike, jump, run, swim, or walk.

Walk some more

Then maybe run, or bike.

Or climb. Or crawl.

And while you do, sense. See, hear, smell, feel, listen.

Try it.

Try it today. And tomorrow.

Find the green.

Pictures of our tiny (but beautiful) Eschweiler wald:

And that was just last spring, summer, and fall. 
I can't wait to re-find it in winter.

See you soon too, I hope.

xx Khalida

PS: See the updated (dance) website with more pictures from our outdoor shoot:

And check out for more of my 'find the green' photos.

PSPS: What I'm reading right now: The secret life of trees. 

And another great read (blog post) on going outside: Biomechanist Katy Bowman's Exercise less.

Now that your eyes (and mind) are primed.. Find the green.


  1. Love this article Khalida. It is so TRUE and I've came to the same conclusion, but I don't have that ritual installed yet. OK, I'll go for a walk before the show today :) <3