Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Arms, Shimmies and Props on DVD

The All About Arms, ShimmySessions and JustTheProps downloadable class series are now also available in DVD-format via info@khalidadance.com or www.khalidadance.com/DVD

A preview of the 'All About Arms' DVD/online class series:

All available Khalida DVDs:

To order please email me at info@khalidadance.com with which DVD(s) you’d like, your preferred payment method (Paypal or bank transfer) and your shipping address.

All About Arms (2 DVDs – 1,5 hours each)
  • DVD 1: Arms, Wrists and Hands techniques
  • DVD 2: Combinations, Variations and Expression
Price: 10 Euro per DVD, 20 Euros for the set (2 DVDs)

Shimmy Sessions (4 DVDs – 1-1,25 hours each)
  • DVD1 – Basic Shimmies (Egyptian and Hip Shimmy, African Shimmy)
  • DVD2 – 3/4 Shimmy ‘up’ (plus Choochoo, Twist- and Shoulder Shimmy)
  • DVD3 – 3/4 Shimmy ‘down’ (plus ‘Freeze’, ‘Earthquake’ and Belly Flutter)
  • DVD4 – ShimmyJam! (Mix of all Shimmies plus extra layering drills)
Just the Props DVDs (3 DVDs – 1,5 hours each)
  • DVD1 – Silk Veil (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Veil class)
  • DVD2 – Fanveils (Basic, Intermediate and advanced Fanveil class)
  • DVD3 – Zills/Finger Cymbals (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Zills class)
Price: 8 Euro per DVD, 15 Euros for 2 DVDs, and 5 Euro extra for each additional DVD of these 2 series (The ShimmySessions and Just the Props DVDs can be mixed and matched individually as you wish)

Shimmies and Isis Wings with Khalida (2 DVDs – 1,5-2 hours each plus bonus material)
  • DVD 1 Shimmies with Khalida
  • DVD 2 Isis Wings with Khalida
Price: 16 Euro per DVD, 26 Euro for both DVDs

Shipping costs for all DVDs are 1,45 Euros for Germany and 3,70 Euro for EU/Worldwide per padded envelope (each holds about 7 DVDs) – I will send you a shipping estimate per email before your order is final

Payments can be done via Paypal (info@khalidadance.com) or Bank Transfer (IBAN/BIC-SWIFT)

To order any DVDs simply email me at info@khalidadance.com

Happy dancing!

xx Khalida

PS: You can also get these DVDs 'live' from me at any of the upcoming events at www.khalidadance.com/schedule or get the downloadable/streamable version of these DVDs on the Online Classes page.

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