Monday, November 2, 2015

New foam rolling video: Cooldown/upper body relaxation routine

Hello hello :)

I'm happy to report I've just uploaded a free 6-minute foam rolling bonus video cooldown as an addition to the ShimmySessions and Shimmypack downloadable classes from the Online classes with Khalida page.

The video below is part of my personal post-dance training routine, which I've created in the process of finding ways to become, dance (and stay!) pain-free during the past few years.

Here it is:

This video features some my favorite foam rolling cooldown exercises, including a combination of 3-D breathing inspired by the Dance Stronger program and a few simple but effective exercises to relax your upper back, gently release your hip flexors and reset your posture, all at once.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Foam rolling cool down/upper body release

Filmed at Sandra van Frankfoort-Mamentus beautifully 'zen' home studio <3

ETA: For a bit of extra zen-ness, complement this routine with practising the art of.. Letting go.

Happy rolling,

xx Khalida

PS: Also check out the pre-warmup video mini-series using basic foam rolling techniques at

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