Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Training Day - Thank yous and music

First of all, a big thank you to all the Training Day workshop participants of this weekend, I loved it! ♥♥ Hard work with a touch of magic!

For the January edition our themes were mostly 'technical/conceptual' as winter is traditionally the time to regroup, train and dive a bit deeper into the things that I've learned throughout the year. 

TD participants - WS 'All about Arabesques'

We started the day with a 1-hour Drills and Technique workshop, focusing mostly on posture and relaxed arms and hands combined with basic isolations to warm up. The main 'theme workshops' were 'All about Arabesques' (see picture above!) and 'Shimmyland' aka the land of shimmies :)

We worked hard, but I enjoyed it immensely. We even had a surprise visitor during the romantic section of the Arabesques class!

Local wildlife approves.

This is most likely the song that lured it/her/him in ;) Love Elissa of Lebanon - Enjoy!

The next Training Day will be held @ Studio Sarossy in Würselen on Sunday, August 3rd 2014 - more information and topics/enrollments soon via www.khalidadance.com/TD

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