Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photoshoot Dance4Children in Brussels

This October I've had the honor to be part of 'Shoot4Children' in Brussels, a charity photo shoot project in collaboration with Belgian photographer Philippe Rikir and makeup artist Kobie Fossey hosted by Dance4Children, a non-profit organization founded by 4 lovely Belgian dancers: Alice, Coralie, Lorenzina and Louise.

Profits of the two photo shoot days fully went to NGO Sunshine revelation, working on the refurbishment of an orphanage in Libreville.

It was lovely to be part of this project, the shoot itself was held at 2 different locations, the second one was Salle Dublin in Brussels, BE The atmosphere of the day was very relaxed yet super organized, and the results of the shoots were stunning.

Check out a sneak preview at the complete Dance4Children FB Album here. (more to be added soon!) And our new website gallery.

Fan veil action!
A lounge :)


A huge thank you to Coralie, Alice, Lorenzina and Louise, and to Philippe and Kobie for this amazing project. <3

ETA: Dance4Children is currently supporting the organization Chameleon which is working to assist victims of typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, check out the details at Dance4Children's FB page if you'd like to help!

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