Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back :)

Hello again :) The past few months have really flown by (how is it October already?) so as you can see this blog is due an update or two.

I will be posting some musings and pictures from the past few weeks in the coming days, including piccies from the 'Magie de l'orient' Festival in Luxembourg and my dance adventures at Bozenka's Mediterranean Dance Lab in Crete this September, an amazing experience on so many levels.

Check out a sneak preview of the pictures here on FB.

Labbies on a rock

Also, I am happy to report I've survived my second ballet recital :) Will post piccies (and/or video) as soon as I receive the footage. Thank you miss Constanze!

In the mean time.. What are you reading? I've rediscovered a copy of 'Psychology of dance' and am loving it, right now I'm at the chapter about concentration, in dance practice, rehearsal and performance. A real challenge in these times of online entertainment, I tell you.

My current dance read

Ps: We've updated the Khalida Webpage as well :) Ch-ch-check it out!

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