Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back from away - Aloha!

oo.. I've safely returned from my very fist Hawaiian dance adventure, Aloha! Still fully jet-lagged but thankfully a few days of calm are ahead.
I will be posting a blog post on practice soon, but first I'd like to share some gorgeous picture views and lovely memories from the past week in Kauai with you.

My first lei

I was invited by Dixie, Nelleke and Krystal Marie (also known as the Garden Nile Bellydancers) to teach and perform in Kauai, Hawaii last weekend, and I had been looking forward to the event for many months.

The GNBD gang picking me up at the airport

We had a show on Friday in a small church building (with a stage!), and even though the weather had been a bit fickle (rain, wind, sun and cloudy) that day, as you can hear in the video of my first performance, the audience was simply unstoppable :)

The event had almost sold out in presales, but tickets kept flying out the door, even continuing during the show until well into the second half. By break time there were people lining up outside and/or standing in the back to be able to catch a glimpse of the performances, so I guess we can say the show was a big succes!

Backstage with Krystal and Nelleke, just before the show madness

The week leading up to the event the local newspaper ran a front-page story about the event, so great to see that the arts are being supported.

Front page of Kaua'i times, baby!

On Saturday and Sunday we had 2 full days of workshops, held at the 'Joy of Movement studio' in Kapaa.
Pre-coffee, yet ready to rumble!

The themes for Saturday were 'A dancers' workout' and a high energy drum solo (with music from the Shimmies DVD with Issam) It was a high-energy day! Or at least it started out as one. The result:

Got work?!

On Sunday we did 'B is for belly - abdominal movements' as well as a small 3-hour masterclass on the topics 'making dances' and 'dance with attitude'.

Say my name.. All along the beach was calling me..

I really had a blast teaching (kicked my own butt a bit in the workout though - lordy lord) and one of the highlights of the week for me was getting to know the participants, many of whom had traveled from outside to attend, in sharing our hopes/dreams during the MC and classes.

The Hawaiian Masterclass - For Serious Dancers(TM)

Costume inspiration

Speaking of highlights :) The 'garden island' as Kauai is often called really, really is as beautiful as everyone (read: the internet!) says. Want picture proof? Be warned!

Visiting Secrets Beach at sunrise with Krystal Marie
Hard, hard life!
The only way to survive

I had a couple of days after the workshops to visit the sights, the beaches and a luau..

Yellow hibiscus, not for eating..

Hanalei lookout
Red Hibiscus, also not for eating.
Luau-ing with Nelleke and Dixie
And if that is just not enough.. more (MOAR!) pictures can be found on my Instagram page!

So... what is next? A full week of Easter holiday family visits and practice/preparations for the upcoming events, which are quite a few. Aloha and hope to see you there, too!

xx K.

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