Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stars of Bellydance info is up!

One of my favorite events is coming up in Belgium this April! :) Check out the website with full program here: Stars of Bellydance

Stars of Bellydance Festival 2013
A fantastic event in Bruges, Belgium this April hosted by the fabulous Sakinah Yanara.  

This year featuring workshops and masterclasses with Mercedes Nieto ♥♥♥, Leyla Jouvana Roland, Queenie Dance, Amirah Tine Verheyen, MarĂ¢a Mystic, Samyra Buikdanseres, Linda Claessens, Johanna Rediers and Khalida :) but also a fabulous international competition and a beautiful Gala Show with guest stars Saida and Amirah Shazadi added to the mix ♥ Not to be missed! 

Official website: Stars of Bellydance
FB Page: Stars of Bellydance FB
FB Event:

Hope to see you all there!

xx Khalida

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