Friday, May 11, 2012

Zills zils zills! ..or Sagat/Finger Cymbals :) @ WBD tomorrow!

Hello all,

As I'll be teaching a workshop on Finger Cymbals for the benefit Wereldbuikdansdag Event in Ham, Belgium on 12th of May (tomorrow!) I'd like to share some of my favorite articles on the topic here :)

First one: How to choose your finger cymbals, from

An extensive article about zills by Shira

A link to my favorite finger cymbals: The Saroyan Pro - they have a lovely bell-like tone. Will be ordering the silver ones next week as well, curious to hear the sound difference with the brass set :)

And last but not least, a video of one of my favorite performers with Sagat: Sophie Armoza of Israel!

Group Jahanára (the L3/4 ladies from Würselen) and I will be performing at the hafla as well
Come check us out!

Group Jahanára in Aachen, DE

Here is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And the event flyer :)

Hope to see you all there!

PS: Bonus video!! The lovely Shabnam and Mandana

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