Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bellydance Holiday in Turkey this June!

Woo, just got my flight tickets for teaching at Selina Sevil's Bellydance Holiday in Marmaris, Turkey this June 10-17 2012. I will be teaching 4 workshops there: Arms and Hands, B is for Belly, Rhythms 101 and Transitions&Traveling Steps :) 6 workshops with Selina and Umut Palamut are included, Hamam, boat trip, shows, omg!

More details can be found here (Swedish website)

Translated link (English):

The program includes:

  •  Breakfast buffet every day
  •  10 workshops with professional dancers
  •  Visit a hookah cafe in the open air
  •  Boat trip with swimming, lunch and belly dancing contest
  •  Entry into a spectacular Turkish dance show
  •  Three course dinner with wine and soft drinks
  •  Admission to 5-star Turkish bath (hammam)
  •  Cleaning soap scrub and relaxing oil massage
  •  Visit the exclusive 5-star beach club
  •  Guided tour to Marmaris largest magdansbutik
  •  Guided tours to the city center and other bazaar
  •  Guided bar / club rounds with belly dancing theme
  •  Discounts in shops, restaurants and clubs
  •  Turkish-speaking interpreter and currency exchange service throughout the journey

Workshop descriptions Khalida:

Arms and Hands - Technique and Combinations
Conditioning exercises, specific drills and Stretches to improvement arm carriage and upper body flexibility as well as excercises and flowing combinations for beautiful, expressive arms and hands. A must-do for dancers of all levels and one of the most popular topics!

Rhythms 101
An introduction to middle-eastern rhythms - learn to Recognize and Incorporate Different types Rhythm Into your dancing. From maqsoum to karsilama, All Will Be Revealed! Can be Combined with a Zills introduction as well.

Transitions and traveling steps
All about 'the movements between the steps' and 'the steps between the movements' .. How do you get from A to B elegantly? How do you go from 'dancing moves' to 'dancing'? Tips, Tricks, Drills and flowy traveling combinations.

B is for Belly - abdominals
Putting the B back in to bellydance! we will be focusing on the abdominal movements, core work exercises, belly accents and 'flow', including techniques and combinations to incorporate belly work into your dance.

For more information please contact Selina of Sweden at 

Hope to see you all there!
xx Khalida

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