Sunday, November 6, 2016

Celebrating Dance 2016 - Thank you!

I've written so many words today, it appears I've run clean out :)

I had an amazing time at Celebration Dance in Torquay, UK last weekend, so I will let the pictures below do most of the talking.

A repost from my FB Page:

"A huge thank you to Afra Al Kahira, John Fauley Hancock and Nikki Livermore for all their hard work behind the scenes, it was an honor and pleasure to have been part of this fantastic edition. Thank you! Big big hugs also to roomie Sophie Armoza and all of the fabulous co-teachers and performers, and huge hugs to the entire CD team, the dancers and workshop delegates, in short, to everyone who made this weekend such a magically heartwarming and joyful one. Thank you."

A big shout-out again to the organisational dream team of CD, and to all of the delegates, helpers, performers, and co-teachers that were part of this fantastic 16th(!) edition.

It was an amazing experience, and I am very happy and proud to have been part of it.

A few impressions of the weekend:

Travel with a Purpose
Propelling my way to the UK
Gorgeous skies on my way to CD
'Double isolations' and 'Fan veils technique' workshops - I had such a blast!
(The drum solo choreo workshop ladies are there too, in spirit - oooh..)
Roommate Sophie in a Halloween-ish Mood
Posing after the show with Afra and John
Traveling home with my new bear-y friend 'Bae', made with love by Afra

Edited to add: I've received so many heartwarming messages and emails after the show and classes, and also over the past few days. It's been so heartening, and it is giving me wings to invest myself in dance and life in the future with even more gusto than before. 

Thank you very much <3

Until next time,

xx Khalida

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