Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Epic update.. and a link!

This week promises to be one with a LOT of dancing, as I am currently busy packing up, preparing and practicing for the RAKS summerschool in Leuven, Belgium

After that, it will be time for our long-awaited honeymoon (September!), the fabulous charity-helping Mundo Oriental festival by Amira Shazadi in Kerpen, DE (September!) the new class season in W├╝rselen (October!) and my very first ballet recital performance for www.ballettschule-renoldi.de :) Snowflakes ftw!

To update you all in one fell swoop, here is a link to the latest August Newsletter, where I've added all dance goodness and news that is to come in the following weeks and months!

Khalida Dance Newsletter - August updates 2011


xx Khalida

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