Friday, August 12, 2011

The DVDs!! They are here!!!

The DVDs have arrived!!! YAY! :D

After months of hard work and testing, the final products have arrived at my doorstep :) OMG° I can't even begin to describe the depth of my gratitude to Aziza, Eric and the entire AzizaRaks Productions team for all the hard work, support, love and team spirit that went into this project. Am also deeply humbled and grateful for the kind messages I have received from dance friends, colleagues and students during working on this big big project. THANK YOU ALL for helping this dream come true!!!

Here a picture from class in Würselen yesterday (thank you Renée) where the first official DVDs changed hands:

So.. what is happening right now? Except for bouncing around the house :) I sent off the first pre-sales shipment yesterday (poor post man, lol) and more DVD shipping boxes and envelopes will follow today and tomorrow. Already 91 DVDs are sold in total up till now, and the official release date (15th of August, aka Monday) hasn't even been reached yet..


So, here they are, waiting to be sent off to their new homes :)

 *bounces around the house*

visit the shop here:

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