Thursday, September 29, 2016

Numbers and moments

While looking back and counting the days (as one does during tax return season) I just found out that by the end of this year I will have taught 125 workshops in 5 years. That makes an average of about 250 hours of dance, or 15 000 minutes, which makes 900 000 seconds :)
Multiply that by the number of dancers I've been able to share these seconds with, and you get millions of moments, filled with shared laughter, movement, dancing, learning, teaching, breathing, but also experimentation, inspiration, perspiration, and joy <3

Post-teaching 'glow' ^^

A huge thank you you to all who I have been lucky enough to share these moments with, to all the students I have met (and will still meet) and to all the dancers/host(esse)s who I have been lucky enough to work with (and for) during the past 5 years. Without your trust, love and effort these moments would have not been possible.

I am ready for some more :)
Also: Dear Ana Danst, that 125th workshop will be yours in Eindhoven this November, so we will have to build in a collective happy dance during my veil workshop at some point :D <3

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. (and hips!)

The next moments of dance will be happening here:

Life is better with double veils

Edited to add: Get yourself a FREE 30-minute downloadable double veil class via this link: or at the KDanceOnline FB Group. For adding at-home dance moments :)

xx Khalida

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