Friday, February 7, 2014

Dance dance DANCE! And more with the articles.

Alright, so the last week of silence before the (dance) storm is officially kicking in :) Eek! Check out the updated Schedule page for all the deets.

I am both excited and scared, thankful for some great opportunities on the horizon, and fun new projects are in the works. But want to do it all WELL, ya know?

Caution! @ Trix studios in Antwerp

Anyhow.. Here are some inspiring dance articles I've been reading lately to soothe the dancing mind ;)


How to feel better after a bad class. From Ballet - but good for any dance form!

Morning rituals - Start the day off on the right (or left) foot!

This one is a bit.. In your face. 

Some dance psychology - How to stop comparing yourself

A lovely article on BD classes and self esteem by Rasha Nour

And especially for the Body Work fans - A great article on foam rolling! (Thanks, miss Razia Star!)

So.. what's up for the following weeks?

Next weekend I'll be welcoming dancers from near and far at studio Sarossy for a full weekend of inspiring workshops by Bozenka of USA. I'm a bit nervous about hosting such a world star at our humble studio, but at the same time I'm looking forward to it so much! She's just lovely. Ahh.. SOON! (PS: If you'd like a last minute spot - Go here!)

Miss B in Action in Crete this Sept - Picture by Willem J. Habets

Next to that, I'm spending my Tuesdays in Antwerp learning how to 'pop' and working hard on a collaborative duet with Mr Obelixx of Portugal - we'll be premiering our dance at Yamila's BD festival in Heerlen on Saturday March 15th. Dope!

Post-rehearsal selfie

I'll be part of the Stars of Bellydance festival in Belgium this April 12-13 and teaching/performing at the Shimmy Shake factor co presentation day in Rotterdam on April 21st as well, plus I'm excited to be teaching and performing along with Mr Serkan of BE at Asyia and Esm├ęs Hafla day in Betekom on the 18th of May.

Booked my flights for the travely bits of the year (See you soon, Trondheim, Oslo and Hawaii in March, May and September respectively!)

Our 4-Day Dance Intensive website is live, with enrollments now open for 3-4-5-6 July 2014 - Exciting!

And.. On to working on new and revised dances and workshops for the upcoming dance season, which is now ramping up big time. Whoop!

(t)Werk it!


  1. Thanks for the mention <3
    The foam rolling article was really interesting, too! I think I might need to get one...

    1. YES! Do it, seriously. You body will begrudgingly thank you :)