Sunday, November 13, 2011

Schedule Khalida 2011 -2012 update

Hi peeps, check out the latest dates for workshops and events for the coming months! :)

Khalida Stars of Bellydance 2011Schedule Khalida 2011 
WURSELEN, DE - Th 17 Nov 2011
Workshops with guest teacher Zafirah in Würselen (Workshops)

VAALS, NL - Sa 03 Dec 2011
BALLET - Performance school recital 'The Nutcracker' in Vaals (Ballettschule Renoldi)

WURSELEN, DE - Fr 02,9,16 Dec 2011
Masterclasses with Khalida in Würselen (Masterclasses)

Schedule Khalida 2012
LONDON, UK - 2012 - Date to be announced!
Workshop and Judging at BT Competition in London (Bellydance Trophies)

WURSELEN, DE - Su 15 Jan 2012
Workshops at our studio with fabulous guest teacher Queenie in Würselen (Workshops)

EILAT, IS - 18-22 Jan 2012
Workshop and Opening Show with live music at Orits Festival in Eilat (Eilat Festival)

HEERLEN, NL - Sa, So 11-12 Feb 2012
Workshop (Sa) and Gala Show (Su) at Yamila's Bellydance Festival (Conquest of the Dance)

AACHEN, DE - Sa 25 Feb 2012
Solo and duet with Magdy El Leisy (Evening Gala) and
Show with group Jahanára (Afternoon Gala) at Gala Oriental in Aachen (Karima)

SUSSEX, UK - Fr-Su 09-11 Mar 2012
Workshop weekend and Show in UK (HipsInc) SOLD OUT - waiting list open!

GOES, NL - Spring 2012 - Date to be announced!
Workshops in Goes (Nashwa)

SALTAIRE, UK - Fr-Su 20-22 Apr 2012
Workshops, Judging and Show at Jewel of Yorkshire Festival in UK (JOY Festival)

Schedule rest of 2012: See

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